Sunday, October 3, 2021

Trip -- some videos

Not sure how many I can get uploaded remotely, and my Mac isn't the best at editing large videos and shrinking them down.

This, however, was the very first video I took (edited to the good part) on the way to Caja del Rio. Wasn't even "off road" as this is a county highway on the way there.

If some of these disappear...sometimes they get flagged for music on the radio. Can't fix that till I'm home.

Caja del Rio:

Guy was exercising his dog by driving slowly with the dog pacing along. Dog did not want to hop in the truck to let me by :D

Bit of rutted road at Caja del Rio:

Highway to Los Alamos:

Some of the road I randomly chose to find a place to camp along:

Valles Caldera:

Highway 4 towards Jemez Springs:

US 550 in Northern New like straight and flat:

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