Monday, March 23, 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Heard the first peepers yesterday 3/20/2020

The running list:

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Jeep Club Run...

Some pics from other folks...

And my own:

...if you notice, the second Jeep's winch is connected to the first Jeep. FWIW, my Jeep made it up under it's own power and I'm not really sure how because damn it pushed the limits of my abilities with a clutch!

First time I've been winched -- got high centered and couldn't go forward or back.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Pronouncing Willys


It's Will-eh-s.

I've read competing claims, but here is a Willys promotional film using the "eh" sound, which is pretty darn case closed definitive in my mind:

First International CQ...

Saturday 3/7...

I'm not particularly active on the ham radio, and had let the license lapse for something like 15 years. And I'm not licensed on long-distance bands.

But Saturday I heard M3FGR, Dave, come up calling "CQ" on the local amateur 2 meter repeater via EchoLink VOIP and no one was I did :)

He was located outside of London, and we chatted for a short while but I had to go in order to continue working on cleaning out Ed's garage.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

First time with the top open!

Car frosted? Twist my arm :D ...given the forecast I was already planning to take the Jeep, guess it was just warm enough when I parked it around 5pm to stave off frost.

Lunch time...and the top is open for the first time.

71° when I leave the office? Me thinks a trip through Quaddick is in order!

Ok, a car could make it in so far, the state forest part of the road isn't awful...needs work but isn't awful. But, oh miss that car wasn't going to make it through there. She (a young woman) managed to damage the bumper just backing up.

I assumed to go out the way I came...when I realized she wasn't making a three point turn but was going to go straight I honked my horn and tried to get her attention. Guess she'll have to pee on the electric fence for herself. No sense creeping her out by following right away, I know the way ahead is short before it comes out on paved roads...I'll head up, turn around, and make sure she didn't get stuck.

This is the road the car went down o_O

Saturday Morning Wanderings....well and a bit of Sunday pics

Baker Hollow

Old State Forest gate...just the posts left.

Time to stop...and fold down the antenna. I know the trail gets relatively tight from going down here in a Ranger in the past.

Landing at the bottom of the first hill.

Gets kind of steep; I've been practicing using 4wd low and higher gears than I have in the past with 4wd high.

This is the end of the road!

Going to have to come back to the Audobon property to take pics of the silo in good light.

Now for some exploring in Woodstock.

Well, not sure this fork goes through (and afterwards realized it definitely wasn't the road I thought it was!), let's turn around and chekc out the other fork.

Headed back out.

Ed called about now, so I headed to Brooklyn to help him clean out the garage. Had three loads left on Sunday morning when I got going about 8:30 real time, 9:30 focacta time.