Saturday, January 16, 2021

Fusion Brakes...1 of...3?

But first...oatmeal with frozen fruit nuked :)

...and it was probably a good idea to Fireball the hot cocoa given how the day quickly devolved...

Fucking two piece lug nuts. Fuck them with extreme prejudice. So the 19mm nuts had swollen so a 19mm and 3/4 didn't fit, and a 21mm and 13/32nds were too big. Had to drive by three other auto parts stores to get a 20mm from O'Reillys.

Which then couldn't take off one lug on the Left Front, got them all on Left Rear, and got stuck on the Right Rear.

So off to NAPA for a bolt so I could put it in the vice and use a punch and hammer to knock it off...

And I punched off the fucking two piece cap. !@#$!#% #$%#^#$.

Out comes the air hammer that I can't remember last time I need to use it.

LOL...the grinding noise that worried me into parking until I could do the brakes...was a stone that got stuck between the rotor and shield.

So lots of conflicting info online...some folks say just push in the caliper, some screw. Definitely needed to be screwed...for now...

Guess I could've gotten away without the rotors...still have ~103,000 on the old rotors so I just ordered some while I was at it. :/

The brakes on my '09 Fusion were total shit. Complete shit. They were stuck the day I drove it home with 25,000-ish miles from the dealer. I did brake pads every 20,000 or so miles.

These brakes? 103,000 miles on the car, 80,000 since I owned it, first time I've touched them. And this design...dayum, the easiest to work on brakes I've ever had the pleasure to work on.

Oh the whole "turn" v. "compress" conflicting info? The one kid who got it right was the one who used vice grips on the side (instead of the notches) to turn them. Once turned in, the didn't fit but compressed easily to finish.

Anyway, 1 down. By butt was getting cold despite sitting on a towel.

I'll bring out a patio chair cushion tomorrow to sit. This damn car is so low I can't get it high enough to sit on a bench, hell I'd need a two post lift to do an oil change o_O

So I'll finish two more wheels tomorrow...but I'm afraid the LF will likely need a trip to Sorels to have the bad lug nut removed.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Beef Stew & Garage Organizing X

Did a little bit on Wednesday...the slots in the bench meant it could support the board while cutting in the middle. batteries for the driver died just after I started...

But I got out on Thursday at lunch after a hectic morning and got to relax finishing getting them up :)

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Garage Part Nine

But first, last night's dinner!

Slept late, made Lowes and Big Y run this morning.

Finally got out the garage for a bit. It was in the high 30s/low 40s and I couldn't see my breath. Worked comfortably for a while but my nose sure started running!

Got the hub puller, differential seal tool, and some gear pullers into a plastic container to keep the surface rust from continuing to grow.

Hub pullers box, hydraulic crimper for electric cables, stud wire brush kit, cheap piece of crap Harbor Fright tap and die set, ball joint kit, spring compressor kit

Too bad I hadn't had a sealed box before to keep the drill bits from looking like crap :/

Drill drawer afterwards

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Garage Organizing Part #8 of a continuing mission

Garage bar improvements. Fireball in hot cocoa was my preferred poison of the day, though Eric made a dent in the Crown and schnapps.

How am I the oddball who loses an 11mm socket instead of 10mm?

Craftsmen, Air Tools

Craftsmen, Electric Tools

Craftsmen, Hammer and pry bar drawer

Craftsmen, Metric Wrenches. Gear wrenches in roll bag.

Craftsmen, SAE Wrenches. One roll bag with gear wrenches, others traditional.

Craftsmen, Pliers

Craftsmen, Adjustable

Craftsmen, Automotive Diagnostic, Fuel Line tools

Craftsmen, Screw Drivers

Craftsmen, Marking and miscellany

Craftsmen, Measuring

Craftsmen, Tap/Die/Extractors

Craftsmen, Staples/Rivets/Split Rings/Leather Punch

Husky 3/4", 1/2", 3/8" Drive socket drawer

The "bags" have silica beads in them. Seeing if this helps control condensation when we have big temperature swings.

Husky, 3/4" Drive breaker bar, 1/2" drive wrenches and extensions, electronic torque meter

Husky, 1/2" Beam torque wrench, 3/8 and 1/4" click torque wrenches, 3/8 drive wrenches and tools

Husky, Filter wrenches, brake tools, more automotive tools, chain tool

Husky, 1/4" drive wrenches and sockets, 1/2" 3/8" 1/4" Wobble extensions, very small wrenches (in tin), allen wrenches

Husky, One ugly drawer...we'll hopefully be working on this tomorrow. Fustrating the occassional condensation issues have drills bits looking like this.

Husky, Another ugly drawer for to continue working on.

Husky, Photo didn't come out, but one of bottom deep drawers is empty.

Husky, so plan for tomorrow is to get some plastic boxes to fit the hub puller and axle seal tool in to protect them from future condensation issues. I think that will fit in the bottom of the drawer with enough space to still have the trim kit above it.

These will move to the bottom of the Craftsmen, but I want to label them better and the label maker batteries were dead from being in a cold garage :/