Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Driveway Work...

I do have some photos to post too, but I've been a bit busy :)

Asphalt millings coming off of I-395 in Putnam for half the price of crushed stone. Since we've gone this far, I'm going to get a load of crushed stone for up by the house (I prefer the looks and it doesn't smell when new) and then rent a vibratory roller to help pack this all down.

I was thinking it was time to order stone, when I saw a Facebook ad for the millings on Friday morning and stopped on my way to work to order it. They dropped off late in the evening, but I got to spread a bit that evening.

One last time mowing the grass strip. I *love* the look of a grass strip up the driveway, I just need to get rid of the mud season.

Friday the 13th, Full Moon, three more loads, and six straight hours on the tractor:

Ordered a fifth load for Saturday morning. I wasn't going to be home, but left a bucket in the driveway where all the loads had been getting dropped trying to minimize cleanup.

I was not happy they dropped it at the top of the driveway instead. At all.

Spread some that afternoon...

And six more hours on Sunday:

You'd almost think I knew what I was doing when I managed to scrape the millings and leave the lawn :) I'm not optimistic about being quite as good on the rest, although I did plan to do leave the lawn in the pic -- it wasn't purely a fluke.

Ordered one more load that I'll use to finish "squaring off" the edges to the driveway, and making a pad where I park the tractor when it is outside:

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Plainfield Meetinghouse & Milky Way over Block Island

Plainfield Congregational Meetinghouse, 1816. Previous meetinghouse blew down in a storm.

Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/8, focal length 18, ISO 100

Bringing up the blue sky a bit:

Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/8, focal length 18, ISO 100

If you look closely, the traffic cone is gone. My skill level isn't good enough to remove the gas station :/

Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/8, focal length 18, ISO 100

Once again at Camp Cronin. Although Block Island at the bottom is kind of blown out, having it on the horizon looked better than just the shots of the sky. All of these with my Tamron 18-200 lens. My ultrawide lens is slower, plus I didn't have Block Island in the picture -- I didn't like how those turned out.

By the way, the new tripod is phenomenal.

More I look at the photos, I think next time I do Milky Way shots I need to go vertical instead of horizontal.

Canon EOS 50D,19 1/0, f/3.5, focal length 18, ISO 800

Canon EOS 50D,18 1/0, f/3.5, focal length 18, ISO 1600

Canon EOS 50D,19 1/0, f/3.5, focal length 18, ISO 3200

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Photography Stuff...

Touch screen - pen monitor for photoediting:


Portfolio site free with Adobe Creative Cloud:


Monday, August 26, 2019

Putnam Heights Meetinghouse

The third meetinghouse raised on then Killingly Hill, the Putnam Heights Meetinghouse erected 1818.

I suspect I missed the best shot by about ten minutes -- before the shadow started to sneak across the bottom.

Canon EOS 50D,0.001 1/1000, f/8, focal length 13, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.001 1/1000, f/8, focal length 13, ISO 100

Sunday, August 25, 2019

New Tripod

$89 off Craigslist.

Bogen 3050 tripod with 3047 head.

Holy shit, first time using a professional level tripod and it is difficult to describe so how much easier to use, more stable, etc. than other ones I've used. It also weighs a ton, maybe a ton and a quarter. o_O

Technically, it only weighs 17.75# with a payload capacity of 16.5#. Modern equivalent probably is in the $500-600 range...it is nice.

iPhone 7,0.000167000668002672 1/5988, f/1.8, focal length 3.99, ISO 20

Canon EOS 50D,0.000625 1/1600, f/8, focal length 500, ISO 400

Ok, so this is the money shot:
Canon EOS 50D,0.003125 1/320, f/11, focal length 500, ISO 400

Compared to similar photo from my old Tripod, which I was having to help stabilize by hand and had VC (lens stabilization) enabled despite being on the tripod:

The second photo I haven't bothered to adjust exposure and de-haze in Lightroom, but I think the increased sharpness (relative at least) is noticeable. At this point I'm sure I now have more lens and more tripod than my camera can handle. These shots are out at 650 meters so I can't complain much.
...looks at DxO Mark Scores

With my Canon 50D, this lens is rated at "5 Perceptual Megapixels" (the sensor is 15MP, so if I understand right the "softness" causes it to act like 5MP).

Meanwhile the indisputably pro-level Canon 5D clocks in at 17 Perceptual on a 30MP sensor.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jeep Links

I understand how thoroughly irrational Jeep prices are (second only to pickup trucks, at least ever since Cash for Clunkers set the used market for trucks crazy). But despite being overpriced, this is why I'm having such a hard justifying used instead of custom ordering something exactly like I'd like -- 4 years, 50,000 miles and the price is only 25% less.

Un-stucking Stuff:

MaxTrax Recovery Boards...like the home built ones I used to get the '84 2wd Ranger free on Tripp Hollow many years ago :)


6,000# More Power Puller, Synthetic Rope 3-35-A-SLT, plus extension handle https://www.wyeth-scott.com/models.php:

ARB Land Anchor:


Recovery Strap (want it ~17,500# for Jeeps; too strong is counterproductive for recovery since you want to absorb some of the shock), Tree Saver, Winch Extender (both of which stronger is better), and also some shackles and blocks:
Portable compressor:

...or just setup a CO2 system; since the bottle will need to be hydro'd/replaced every 5 years so maybe you can swap at a welding shop?

Extendable Shovel:


Chopping Axe:

Tool carrying tire rack -- get the universal tool carriers for either side, one for shovel & axe, one for boards:

LOD Destroyer Tire & Tool Carrier:


(And use a a couple keyed-alike gun cable locks to secure the handtools, another for jack.)

Nice pic of a camping setup along with a rear shelf:


Over window Mosquito netting:


Also need string / carbiners / curtains to hang up for privacy.

Sleeping pad for Wrangler:

DIY pad:

Mosquito nets for windows for ventilation:


Self-supporting shelter (smaller than an EZ-UP to pack); just need to figure out if the side door would clear. Looking for both "sitting room" as well as being able to get in / out in rain reasonably dryly:

Above, plus a inner release latch for tailgate, from https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/sleeping-pad-in-the-jl-unlimited.6216/page-6

Sunray 109 mini-camper

Really impressive site on discrete camping:

Over the wheel table: https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/amazing-simple-legless-camp-table-setup.15077/ Nice compact grilling rack: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C1RWDJ9/ref=sspa_dk_detail_6 and nice utensil kit I stumbled across: https://www.amazon.com/Camp-Kitchen-Utensil-Organizer-Travel/dp/B07BVB4MZM/ref=rtpb_6/131-1080427-1564624 Coleman Stove/Grill combon: https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Camp-Propane-Grill-Stove/dp/B000W4VD8C/ref=sr_1_5 Electronics:

Especially that antenna that can lay flat!

Nice head mounting location...as long as it's detachable. Actually couple real good ideas on page 2 as well, including wiring them to the factory AUX switch which would make it easy to turn them all off at once (i.e. mute)
https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/ham-radio-install-w-pics.9490/ When choosing an inverter try to get one that puts out a sine-wave (best) or modified sine-wave (not as good) waveform, has low-voltage cut-off (to save your battery from being run down too low) and GFCI protection (to prevent electrocution). These tend to be more expensive, but it's worthwhile to protect your life and your rig. Share

Coffee, camera, Congregationalists, carnivores.

This morning around Thompson, Connecticut:

Canon EOS 50D,0.0004 1/2500, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.000125 1/8000, f/1.4, focal length 50, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.0003125 1/3200, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100