Saturday, November 9, 2019

Woodstove again...

20 degrees overnight.

69 degrees in the living room when I woke up this morning.

Last wood -- and it was only three or four logs -- was at 8pm.

Yep, this will do :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Almost forget just how pleasurable the soft, warm heat from the stove is -- no air blowing around from the mini-split, just 75º radiant warmth :)

(And the bedroom door closed and window open for sleeping :D)

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Bed & Woodstove...

If it's my Mom who is moving, why am I doing so much work on my house :/ ?

But first, it's time to break in the new wood stove, which needs a series of three increasingly intense (yet still small) fires at 100°, 200°, and 300°.

Did the first fire on Saturday which I knew wouldn't cause a stink. The second fire today I did have the fans going to blow out the smell of the curing paint. Just too tired tonight to do the third fire (stove needs to cool in between), so maybe tomorrow night.

Hehehe...IR thermometers are just cheating.

Fans exhausting the stove.

So, in order to fit the heirloom roll top desk in my little house, I need to clean out the corner it will go in. While I'll be able to store some of the stuff in it, but not all. And I don't want to put photos and papers in the non climate control the box spring goes and the bed is raised to give me 13" of storage underneath it :)

I am figuring I'll have to draw a map which box has what where underneath it so I know what to pull out :D

Lunch bought dough, sure was a weird rise.

Bed did end up a manageable 1 or 1-1/2" higher than before. I have had the idea for a while if I get another dog, the bed goes up even higher so I can have a crate / den underneath it. That would require a platform next to the bed as step for me.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Carbon Footprint Calculations...

Playing around on a Friday afternoon:

London Rome: 234kg CO2
London New York: 986kg CO2
(But that does not include a ~1.8 "effective" multiplier due to releasing CO2 high in the atmosphere)

The weight of CO2 is greater than the weight of fuel due to adding 02 from the atmosphere.
1 gallon Diesel: 10.17kg CO2
1 gallon Gasoline: 8.63kg CO2

15,000 miles per year / 20mpg = 750 gallons per year
750 gallons per year * 8.63kg = 6,472kg CO2

Massachusetts average heating oil usage:
719 gallons x 10.17 kg/gal = 7312kg CO2

Average household size, 2018: 2.53

My house, Oct-May heating season actual usage: 4,168kWh above baseline most of which can safely assumed to be the air source heat pump.

EIA Statistics: 2017 Connecticut Electricity production produces 501lbs CO2 /MWh

(501 / 2.2) / 1000kWh
227kg / 1000kWh
.227kg / kWh

946kg...which is 1/8th the average heating carbon footprint.


Polypropylene needs at least 11 re-uses (and are largely imported due to the extra labor of weaving; I'm not sure that the labor + transport was accounted for) and a cotton bag needs 135 re-uses. I suspect nylon would be in-between.

At 0.02kg CO2, a disposable plastic bag there are 431 plastic bags per gallon of gasoline or 300' of travel in the average American car.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fall 2019 Photographs

With the work on the driveway, I haven't taken that many photos and I didn't process any until today.

Quinebaug Valley from L'Homme Street...with a bit of practice in Lightroom removing the powerlines.
Canon EOS 50D,0.0015625 1/640, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.0015625 1/640, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire:
Canon EOS 50D,0.002 1/500, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.002 1/500, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Damned if I know where:
Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/2.8, focal length 50, ISO 100

Sprucedale Gardens, Woodstock:
Canon EOS 50D,0.01666666666666667 1/59, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 100

Canon EOS 50D,0.01666666666666667 1/59, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 200

Canon EOS 50D,0.005 1/200, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 200

Woodstock Hill Cemetery:
Canon EOS 50D,0.005 1/200, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 200

East Woodstock:
Canon EOS 50D,0.0004 1/2500, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 200

Across from Chamberlin Sawmill, Woodstock:
Canon EOS 50D,0.000625 1/1600, f/4, focal length 50, ISO 200

Smith Road, Woodstock...seriously, I'm out photographing on Columbus Day and find a donkey in the middle of the woods?! Canon EOS 50D,0.0125 1/80, f/8, focal length 50, ISO 400

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

RIP Jotul F118...

I really liked this stove, and had hoped to get another year or two out of it.

When I cleaned it up getting ready to set it up today, it was very obvious this wasn't just a surface rust issue -- it was a legitimate crack. The other side had a similar crack if not a few other spots starting to fracture.

So down to Preston Trading Post I go..."I'd like a Jotul F118B with a glass door, delivered to Brooklyn."

"No longer available from the factory. EPA regulations taking effect in 2020."


The good (?) news is the only other Jotul stove somewhat in the range of what I needed is an F45 and it cost a little less, and I should be able to get it a bit further back to save space. Probably won't burn quite as long, and it definitely won't take the long logs my F118 could (max 18" on the new one), and it doesn't have the cool castings. Going to be about two weeks before I get that delivered.

Late summer photo dump...

So some days you're just driving down the road, and think your car has caught on fire, only to find the "smoke" is the extinguisher that went off in your trunk :D

Don't see that parked on the side of the street, even in Dudley, every day.

The jeep I took for a test ride.

...Friday night fire at Aunt Joy's

With a beautiful sun rise the next day...

As I went to take the test to get my Ham radio license back at the former Yalesville fire station in Wallingford...

And went to watch Jeeps at a jamboree in Ellington for a bit.

Sam's 50th

Finally got a new wallet for the first time in 10? 15? years...all I remember is buying it at Brookstone. It was pretty much starting to fall apart.

Stafford Cidery has cans now...w00t!!!

Bear Den area of Nipmuck State Forest...f'ing state keeps closing off areas. I'm hoping this is a temporary closure for management reasons like gypsy moth damage. Gate isn't their typical style and had multiple locks on it indicating various parties still have access.

I think the weather service computer has a glitch :D

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Driveway #3

Got the roller today :)

There are some larger pieces that came up to the surface (fines got pushed down?) that I may want to dig out and patch with a rake and shovel. I'd also really like a gully whumper frog strangler of a rain to see where puddles form so I can fill those areas too.

I think the grand total is $2,319 direct, plus 15 gallons of diesel for the tractor, plus about 40 hours of my time.

You can see where I've made two passes near the center.

And you can see where I've started to pack down the crushed stone.

The tracks...are because I hit 25mph in the Fusion coming up the driveway :D Yeah, it's a bit smoother than before.