Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trip Day 29 -- Onto Indiana

Made it to Lafeyette, Indiana tonight...and made it in good time :/ Probably could've pushed another hour east, but had already booked a room here. Did about 2/3rds interstate and the last 1/3rd on a nice two-lane road through a good part of Illinois and a little bit of Indiana.

This leg was 6-1/2 hours / 391 miles per Google Maps.

Tomorrow's should be 5-1/2 hours/ 319 miles (of course they always take a bit more time to empty my personal tank and fill the tank on the Jeep).
Disappointed I haven't seen any more harvesting going on -- entire time since I entered Iowa I've only seen a single combine running. But looks like they recently got a lot of rain so I'm guessing the fields are too wet. Was hoping to get some nice pics of them runnning :/. Was just checking the forecast and indeed they have flood watch/warnings up for some of the rivers.

Other mysteries to ponder: Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana almost all the rural phone lines are buried. The poles only carry power. Only overhead telephone cable I saw looked old, hagard, and had buried cable across the street from it.

Pictures on the iPhone are all screwed up trying to sync...:/

Monday, October 25, 2021

Trip Day 28 -- Across Iowa

Fairly easy day, got a pizza and was at the hotel by 5pm.

Lots of farmland, first half was crossing on mostly two-lane highways and even some gravel (but they do a hell of a job on gravel out here, I don't know what their secret sauce was but I was doing 40 and could've easily done 60...)

Would love to know why my map emphasizes "Brandon" instead of "Sioux Falls"...considering Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota.

...but then again today when I got on U.S. 20 (the straight, south most line on the map) which was a divided highway my car GPS didn't think a road existed until I was all the way zoomed in.

So I'm thinking these will be the next hops:
Tuesday: Lafayette, IN
Wednesday: Millersburg, OH
Spend Thursday aroud Millersburg (big Amish area) then a short 2 hour hop to Youngstown-ish, OH
Friday: Bighamton-ish NY
Saturday: Should get me home...

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Trip Day 27 -- Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and holy cow Badlands National Park!

Actually bought the card from my good camera in tonight because...wow. These are just the raw photos, I just went through quick to grab a few, and once home and have time I can pick out the best and properly adjust them on my computer for exposure, dehaze the sky, etc.

Not even sure which way is up...left Rapid City around 9am. Got to Sioux City I think at 6:30 Mountain/7:30 Central but the darn time zone changed half way through the state.

Think I'll plan for a shorter day tomorrow, that was two long driving days in a row.

Not wild horses...saw some yesterday, but by the time I saw the roadside pull off with the signs saying I was in a horse reserve, then looked around and saw a herd in the very distance...I figured it would have been a couple hour back tracking, finding trails out to about where they were, then working my way back out, and I already had a fairly long drive planned to the next hotel :( But I got these guys.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Trip Day 26 -- Rapid City, S.D.

Photo Update: Got photos uploaded finally for days 23, 24, and 25. Not annotated yet though, and I may cull a few from there. These are only the iPhone photos; the good camera will probably wait until I get home.

Made it across Wyoming...slowly.

Ran the Jeep through a touchless car wash in Cody (mainly to clean the windshield really well...the whole "you don't get as many bugs on your windshield anymore" thing I'm really thinking doesn't apply to farming areas..

Leaving Cody noticed a shake at 65mph, maybe it was the road? Definitely didn't have it before. But meh, 65 is fast enough and there isn't a lot in that part of Wyoming, particularly on a Saturday. Plus I a 9,000' pass in Big Horn National Forest when it was lightly snowing didn't lend itself to speed in the middle part of the trip :D

The shake was still there when I got to the Interstate, an hour later arrived in Gillete, found a chain tire store still open on Saturday afternoon, said it almost felt like I lost a wheel weight but couldn't see how a car wash could do that...I was close. What it turns out the car wash did was wash *mud* off unevenly...the mud must've been evenly balanced for quite some time, I washed some off putting it out of balance :D

Tomorrow will be Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse (probably), see if I can find prairie dogs in Badlands National Park, then on to Sioux Falls.

Going to add a couple photos to the Yellowstone posts...but I'm still waiting for all the photos to sync up so I can go through them properly.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Trip Day 25 -- Yellowstone II

So...in addition to the Northeast Entrance being closed already, the road from Canyon to Tower ("Buffalo Ford" on this map) was closed. Dunno about the rest, but the part by Mammoth didn't look super interesting and rather than go in-and-back on the north side of the Grand Loop, decided to go back down to the Firehole area. Which I enjoyed, but meant re-covering a lot of the same roads I already did once or twice yesterday.

But I did take a bunch of photos with the good camera, but those will probably wait till I get back home.

And the iPhone photos are running a couple days behind in sync'ing...hopefully tonight.

Now...to figure out the plan for tomorrow :) Will be headed east, just not sure yet to exactly where.

From the phone...have a bunch on the good camera, too.

One of these days photos will synchronize so I can through all them.