Sunday, May 15, 2016

First trip to Brimfield!

Saturday morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed at decided it would be a good day to finally go up to Brimfield early for a couple hours before starting on stuff at home. Just kind of gave me a taste of it, something I really would need to bring a little cart and spend the day to do it right.

I was far more tempted than I should have been at this giant yard rooster...and it was at a good price too. Good thing I wasn't sure it would fit in my truck. Fortunately it was gone on my way back to the card which ended any possibility of continued debate in my mind :D

Never saw firefighter plates that had a year & member number on them before. Cool.

One of the few things that caught my eye of "Oh, that looks really cool"...really cool being a price tag of $4,500. Had the price had one fewer zeroes and then half of that I might have dickered. (Photo isn't the best; it was a paper mache ad for horse collars from 1903).

Lickin' Lizards!

I'm smelling a summer challenge

From the 50 Most Historic Houses:

Connecticut: Mark Twain House

Maine: Olsen House

Massachusetts: House of Seven Gables

New Hampshire: Robert Frost Farm

Rhode Island: The Breakers, which I've been too before

Vermont: Hildene

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Couple Fantastic Ladder Pictures....

April 18th (or so...) San Francisco had their 65' Ladder Drill Team out to kick off their 150th Anniversary Celebration doing a Stadium Raise:

April 30th (or so...) Boston just had to go an follow that up by throwing a 50' at a real fire and advancing a 2-1/2" over it:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Coat Rack

After a week of rain that only broke this afternoon...I don't think my house has ever been this clean possibly even after I first moved in :D

I got tired of the old coat tree Ed had given me taking up so much room in my "foyer" by the front door, I didn't want more red oak and silver hooks like I did on the other wall, and I didn't want some flimsy big box store thing that I would have had to drill custom holes in anyway to match the 9-1/2" centered studs (nor would I want to trust drywall anchors for holding coats).

So some black iron pipe, which I assembled then cleaned with Purple Power and put in the oven for a bit to dry completely, then spray painted. 9-1/8" on center with the holes, which I figure is close enough to 9-1/2". Some brass screws that I thought made for a nice contrast, had to use a 1/4" ratchet to put them in between the force it took and the clearance with the top screws.

The Umbrella Picture

I forgot to get the brass screws for the new coat hook yesterday, so on a rainy Sunday morning I went back to Lowes. While there I decided to see if they perchance had something that would look good over the desk in it's new location and stumbled across this:

Wasn't even looking for something to put here, but I instantly knew it would look good in this spot.

Adding to the story, as I saw it Rhianna's We Found Love (in a Hopeless Place) was playing in the store. Since her video doesn't really match the mood of the pic, I'll use Lindsey Stirling's version:

Oh R2...

You are the droid I've been looking for :D

Oh my...the NSFW version: