Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Photo Dump

Got to work one morning in early May...what an interesting sky!

I've really got a home-made pizza kick this month, usually to deal with left overs like chicken and asparagus:

Last day of the Tulips...dead-headed them on the way to work this morning so they will put energy to their bulbs and not seed:

Lazy or just practicing my tractor skills picking up containers the wind blew into the lawn?

Henry followed me home from Agway. Second most I've ever paid for a Dalmatian since three were free, Oscar was $47, and this was an I couldn't resist $35 o_O. It was a gorgeous day for a steak!

Oh Webster...

Gypsy moths everywhere. They say the fungus is doing it's thing, but takes 8 days to incubate then spreads before killing the host, so next year we should not have very many.

More Pizza!

And a couple Rhubarb Raisin Strawberry pies that came out excellent! Thankfully the Breville did a good job, since the stove Dianne gave me about 15 years ago caught fire while I was pre-heating it O_O ... had to get my hand truck and wheel the smoke-belching beast out to the driveway!

Sunday morning went for a Sunday Drive...and ended up calling 911 for primaries across the roadway in Lebanon. Homeowners *said* they still had power, which if they did something was majorly messed up.

Seen by the printer at the office...

And Bryan came back from a trade show with bling for my cube wall:

And finally, this being May 31st, Bosquet's delivered my new stove:

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Was taking the back way up to Jaxon's birthday party a couple weeks ago and came across these girls (fellas?) on Wrights Crossing Road.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Thursday Tip Toeing Through Tulips...

Finally got out to Wicked Tulips in Johnston, RI.

Panorama stitched together with Lightroom:

The "picking fields" -- while there they opened up a very large section of the show garden for picking too. Their last day this year is Mother's Day on Sunday.

Kate hunting tulips, and looking a bit like a gopher poking her head out from a burrow... 9,999 I've taken on my Canon 50D!

Couldn't resist sneaking in on these folks' photo as a friend was taking a smart phone picture of them.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Clouds through a Sun Roof...

Getting ready to get out of my car at work this morning I looked up through the sunroof and saw a remarkable sky!

And I also spent about four hours yesterday hauling gravel for the driveway. Need to rake it this week, and I may have one last smaller section to repair (depending how far this rakes out).

Pretty sure this will be the last of the bank-run gravel to build up the base, and next year if it needs more I'm thinking a tractor trailer load of 3/4" trap rock to top this off and make a fairly smooth surface. I just don't have the right equipment and gravel to smooth this stuff down properly.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Color on a rainy day

Mentally tiring day at work, gray drive home in heavy rain...and a few smiling Tulips to greet me when I pulled in the driveway:

And the March Madness Rhody continues to impress me with it's color:

Monday, May 1, 2017


I first discovered Carol Yee's rhododendron nursery online sometime in the early 2000s, when she was located 20 minutes from me in Ashford. Now that I could afford to start building a rhody collection she has retired to Maine. As in 4-1/2 hours away in Swanville, Maine.

Friday I made a day of it and bebopped up, stopping in Popham on the way.

I've never been much past Bath before, and I also explored the Unity area as well, even a few glimpses of the small Amish outpost there.

I didn't know what to expect for sizes and prices. Now that I have a better idea, next year I want to return with my pickup (I'll put the cap on it to protect the plants) and fill up :) Most of the ones I bought Friday went to replacing the overgrown cedar hedge I had to take out anyway to repair the septic system. Doubt I will ever need to repair it again, and even if I do from experience Rhodys are pretty darn resilient to being cut back, dug up, and replanted.

Going old school with my notepad for the figuring out what to plant where at home:

Pics grabbed from the internet of the ones I bought that day:

Absolut Citron:

Cherry Cheesecake:

Dark Lord:

Miyama Gold Prinz:

March Madness (UConn Mehlquist variety):