Thursday, October 7, 2021

Trip Day 9 -- Denver to Grand Junction

More to follow later. But made a 4-1/2 drive in about 8 hours LOL.

I'm kind of liking this iPad on loan from addition to the maps, I'm monitoring when his flight will arrive from the cell phone lot at Denver International Airport...

So I was thinking this wasn't just bigger than T.F.'s as big as Warwick & Cranston. It's not. It's only as big as Warwick plus 1/3rd of Cranston :D

So this 4 hour drive took like 8...the biggest single delay was a multi-vehicle fatal accident that closed the Eisenhower Tunnel for almost 24 hours (happened at 11pm, and westbound was to be closed at least through the evening rush hour).

This isn't a picture of the traffic, it's a picture of the Sprinter camper :D

The detour put us on U.S. Route 6 to cross the Continental Divide!

Pullled over at the Continental Divide -- Loveland Pass, 11,900'

Fresco, CO. Had lunch at the Moose Jaw. Had to google it since there's a lot of "Moose..." things out here...yep, there are pockets of Moose in Utah & Colorado.

Am I in Boston?

Glenwood Springs for gas and stretch legs...and a quick spin around a cool downtown.

That's all for today as it was getting dark, and Grand Junction largely just another generic city.

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