Sunday, October 3, 2021

Trip Day 6 -- On to Durango

Bit of a shorter driving day -- took 2 hours to bee bop through Santa Fe National Forest mostly on pavement; I had wanted to take a route through the Valles Caldera which would have made much of this on dirt (and slower) but the road was cabled off at the visitor center.

After I hit Cuba, then it was a 2 hour drive to Durango through incredibly open and flat parts of New Mexico -- that shimmering on the highways actually exists. Farmington / Aztec N.M. starts having trees, then at the Colorado line things just turn into hayfields immediately (albeit looks like they use irrigation in large sections).

"Gee, there are an awful lot of oil and gas wells..."

Didn't realize New Mexico is the #3 oil producing state.

And yesterday and today in the Santa Fe N.F. I saw a very large, very bright blue colored bird. Pretty sure it was Steller's Jay.

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