Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday June 9th Garage & Yard

Saturday I ended up just resting in bed, went out for a morning drive and coffee and by the time I got home was crying in pain from my knee, don't know what aggravated it.

After some rain in the morning, got out to the garage for a few hours in the afternoon and a little bit of yard work. Kind of fustrating because my stamina seems to be about the 3-4 hour range before I'm shot for the day, or two.

This $10 (if that) bulb holder for changing light bulbs worked out well. I already owned the extendable broom handle/paint brush holder. Now I don't have to wait a few months until Eric stops by and I can have him climb a ladder to replace burnt out bulbs :D

I did quite a bit of cleaning of the tool box/work bench but for some reason the photos aren't syncing :/

Had an extension for the pole saw, and while it works with the weed whacker head decided the extra effort of using it wasn't worth the gain.

And more volunteer violets(?)...I did not plant these or the white ones in the background.

But where I had a patch no longer seems to be growing, so I'm wondering if a squirrel has been relocating them.

Jeep Turned 100,000 miles!

Monday June 3rd, on Maple Street driving home from work on a gorgeous day with the top open and windows rolled down.

Just like it should be.

Saturday June 1st -- Yard work and Courtney's 40th

Was able to keep cleaning up around the yard in the morning. Courtney's wasn't till 4pm and I like it when the get togethers are later in the day on nice days for yard work!

Roughed in the raised garden bed, definitely won't be in use this summer, maybe I can get a fall lettuce crop in.

Zipping around with a grabber tool picking up debris in the yard.


I was taking some candid photos from a distance...oh Ruthie I was soooo close to an absolutely awesome shot!