Thursday, October 7, 2021

Trip Day 10 -- Moab

A spectacular drive to Moab, did Fins & Things, explored Arches National Park.

Bulk of photos may not be posted till next week :D

Not even close to the best of the day, but it already sync'd from the phone to laptop:
First, a couple iPhone videos from Fins & Things...and these were Bunny Slopes compared to what we did the next day :D

Just randomly looked at a map, "Hey, instead of taking all big roads, let do this back way into Moab taking State Route 128."

OMFG I had no idea what we would see...

...and I'm not talking about the cows. They were just a bonus.

Do I have to share the road with a line of new Broncos?

...and that was before we got to Moab :)

Right up to Fins & Things.

Fins & Things took like 3 hours, and we ate lunch along the trail. So...let's go check out Arches National Park on the north side of Moab!

We started to check out the 4x4 trail on the west side (see map above)...but quickly decided we didn't have enough daylight left to tackle it.
Was raining pretty good the next day when we came back, so we just followed the "better" dirt road north out of the park. But those pics are for tomorrow :D

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