Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Axle is in

So the trick seemed to be just spraying the splines with white lithium grease o_O

That at least got it to slide in 1/2" and I thought I had it until I looked closer and realize it wasn't inside the knuckle yet.

Knowing the splines were definitely and heavily engaged, I didn't mind giving it light taps with a dead blow hammer.

Wonder if it was friction on the splines still and I needed even more lube? I could turn the axle so I don't think it was corrosion on the knuckle holding it up (I cleaned that up the first time I worked on it years ago -- couldn't even pull out the axle for corrosion blocking the u-joint).

Next up is the the diff -- order a 5/16-18 helicoil kit. 5/16-18 is listed as the factory bolt size for the JK Rubicon. 5/16 being 7.94mm which is why it looked metric when I was gauging it.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Peepers 2023


Sunday, March 26, 2023

I have the axle shaft blues...

Also the basis of this post looking for help:
So got back to installing the new axles today. Passenger side slid right in, haven't buttoned it up until I know the drivers side is in and that I don't for some reason need to disassemble the diff.

So first up on the passenger side...ran into an issue that beyond the end cap rag that did a good job keeping dust out when had put in a paper towel and plastic bag (bubble wrap?) to keep the oil inside the diff :D

Finally after about an hour I realized just what I needed was a plumbing rooter router thing...and also remembered I own one :D

Grrrr...not going in.

Had this happen when I replaced u-joints and since it was going to Sorel's anyway had them fix it.

But I replaced the diff seals and had no issue sliding the shafts back in :/

So I scoped it, looks like a seal to me.

So then it was time to measure (you know high tech before low tech :D )...
The 12" measure is along the tube side and my interpretation is that is the seal.

The 17" is in the center, and that is about where the oil slinger at the end of the axle shaft should be.

Overall I think I'm about 1" maybe 1.5" shy of where I need to be, but there is 2" of splines so they must be getting partially engaged? This is basic math right?

Bonus! Look at the diff to see if I could see anything and saw some Helicoil looking things backing out so I'll have to research that.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Finally back working on the Jeep!

Last Sunday...garage is a mess. Time to clean up. It's now back into the low 40s, but with the big (but loud) propane heater I was down to a tee shirt for a time:

Splurged on a new off-road rated floor jack. Certainly not much I couldn't fix on the road with this even if I have to crawl my ample girth underneath.

So we're upgrading to Carbon Offroad (Hurricane, UT) chrome molly axles.

Jeep JK Rubicon 2007-2018 4340 Chromoly Front Axle Kit Dana 44 CF155

Uses large 1350 Series Spicer 5-7166X U-Joint
Planning to pickup a couple spare U-Joints -- hopefully won't break one again, but if I do hopefully trail fix it. If I don't need them, they're not greasable so I'm thinking you just treat them as a wear item and replace every few years proactively.

Got back out there this morning (the following Sunday)

Picked up a couple new bearings to replace the existing ones proactively -- literally have all the labor into at this point, as best as I can recall I've never replaced them.

Bearings came with new ABS sensors. Took them off, hopefully I'll put them somewhere I can find them if I need a new sensor in the future :D

Pure decadence is using the Mr. Heater Buddy with the door open :D. Was actually a bit cooler in the garage than outside by the afternoon (mid-40s outside). First time I used that heater, it sure took the chill out of the immediate work area without me running the big one. Originally bought it because when it is cold outside I've noticed it's really cold working on the corners of the Jeep away from the big heater so figured this would help and I think after how much it helped today it'll do well.

I do have a hose kit to use it with a big propane bottle...but I need to go fill up one of my 20# and another is already on the big heater.

Everything is off.

But my shoulder was starting to bark that was enough for today. I really haven't done a lot over the winter in some combination of deliberately resting it and being afraid to aggravate it. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Somehow the parts are growing...

Friday, March 10, 2023

MAPP Gas Dilemas...

While I don't use it too often, I've always really liked MAPP gas for losening things up on cars...

Was looking at getting a small torch to keep in the Jeep and realized MAPP was discontinued in 2008 in North America (the only plant closed).

There seems to be some wide discrepancies in the reported flame temps, but these numbers seem to be the rough consensus:

Propane + Air = 2250°
MAPP + Air = 3670°
Propane + Oxygen = 4600°
MAPP + Oxygen = 5300°
Acetylene + Oxygen = 5720°

Looks like a propane & oxygen kit may be in my future, since a small OxyAcetylene set up is much more expensive and I still don't fully trust myself with that much power (I've only cut a couple things with it in the past, under direct supervision :) )

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Reddit Copypasta

When these threads come up, folks often "If only we could compare" or "But you can't compare"

Well...indeed we can.
Purchaing Power Parity is designed to buy the same basket of goods and services, and includes things like education and healthcare.

It isn't perfect; folks in the US may end preferring to weight their spending towards larger cars and houses. Europeans may put more weight on spending on vacations (particularly since they usually have a few more weeks a year off to use the vacation time).

But it helps to get a relative idea what lifestyle a particular salary in a given country can afford compared to another.

It also doesn't show the often significant differences within a single European nation or an American state. I would expect your money to go much further in Buffalo, NY than in Brooklyn, NY.

Purchasing Power Parity:
Between OECD nations:
Between US states:

To compare a salary to the overall median wage:
Between OECD nations:
Between US States:

So in this case:
Spain PPP 84 PPP
$40,000 / .84 = Live like someone earning $47,619 in the US in general (like Florida which is close to average)

In the very best case (money wise):
$47,619 / .83 = Live like someone earning $57,372 in the US in general.


>is ocean waste one of those things like the ozone layer that once we started paying attention to we were able to mitigate the worst causes of, or is it just a shitshow free-for-all like global CO2 emissions?

If you want the sad history...CO2 got out of control partly (mostly?) due to political fatigue over sulfur dioxide (acid rain) and ozone cap-and-trade.

First you have to remember that George H. W. Bush was CIA Director when climate change first made it on to CIA assessments as a national security threat in the mid-70s. Curbing global warming was a Republican campaign plank in 1988. Democrats were still pro-coal and hadn't swung around on the issue yet (WV voted Democrat in the '76, '88, and '96 Presidential elections so they and other rural coal mining places were still a state in play for the Democrats)

But the more immediate threats were things like acid rain and the ozone layer which they tackled via Cap-and-Trade.

By the time CO2 came up, John H. Sununu (President Bush's Chief-of-Staff) was basically sick and tired of the political arm twisting he had been doing on those and a few other environmental issues and didn't want to pursue CO2 regulation further.

His son John E. would co-sponsor a bipartisan bill implementing cap-and-trade on CO2 among other things in 2007, though it didn't pass.

(And if fairness, all three Sununus including the son Chris who is the New Hampshire Governor) have vacillated over the years on climate change depending on the audience.)