Sunday, October 17, 2021

Trip Day 20 -- Arizona Strip & Kolob Terrace

Went across the state line (which I was flirting with yesterday)'s pretty amazing how stuff can change over one mountain range. Had read the Arizona Strip was big cattle country at one point, and was wondering how thinking Warner Valley yesterday. While still dry, it was much more "green." The strip is basically everything north of the Grand Canyon with only a couple or three road connections to the rest of Arizona.

Came back over the Kolob Terrace. Some that road is paved (on each end) with a 20 mile section of clay in the middle. It passes through the western side of Zion and there was one scenic turn off that I had to turn around go back too!

Lots of roads off the Kolob Terrace which is where I think the cars get stuck -- I've seen enough of this wet clay up at Arches National Park to know it's no joke. My Jeep with great tires did'd struggle with all season tires or even all terrain tires in this stuff.

Off course this is another YouTube famous section:
(You'll see Under Canvas in my pics...I think...when they finally get up. If not it's definitely on the video).

Went by here, too.

Casey gets involved up there, too.

Hilldale, UT / Colorado City, AZ...

...I can see why the Arizona Strip was big cattle country at one time.

Fredonia, AZ.

Kanab, UT

I want the gas station dinosaur :)

Turned off Route 14 and now on Kolob Terrace Road or whatever it is called on this end.

Entering Zion National Park

I hope my video got some neat pics of the Kolob Village I passed through a bit before this.

Hmmm, doesn't look like I got pics of "Zion under Canvas" which was on the left around here.

Big Cow!

Little Cows!

Shacks, Covered Wagons, and Yurts...oh my!

Back to civilization...

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