Saturday, December 11, 2021

Small photo catch up...

So...first few weeks back from the trip I didn't have a lot of ambition, then Friday after Thanksgiving I came down with a hell of a cold that took me out for four days and two weeks to really get back to normal.

But did get a few things done...

CO2 tire inflator for the Jeep. The 12v pump I have works fine, but it gets hot as hell -- I didn't use it on the trip because finding a place to rest it without risking melting some camping gear was going to be a challenge.

Since these photos, I've gotten a fabric sack that I hope will keep it from forming condensation when there are temp swings outside.

Bottle cost $178 at Airgas, plus $20.50 for it being full. In the future though I should be able to just exchange it for $20.50 for a full bottle similar to propane exchanges.

So much to clean up after I finished getting the Jeep ready for the trip...

And @#$%#@ mice in the main tool box. Got some moth balls to try and deter them.

Everyone needs an Otter :)

Sigh...monitor I bought on the trip. Bought a sound bar, and AppleTV so I can stream my phone to the monitor (I hope). !@#$! it needs WiFi and the AppleTV can't reach the one in my house (the iPhone just barely does). So I have a WiFi extender being Amazon'd in tomorrow.