Saturday, September 23, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 17


Day started off with a parts run to O'Reillys, then finding a camping spot. Big Bend Campground (BLM) along Route 128. Spectacular.

I carry a pretty complete tool kit in the Jeep.

Jet boat going by on the Colorado

All better.

I sleep in the back of the Jeep. No bugs out here -- didn't put in my screens, and indeed left the rear wide open at this campsite.

Time to run into town for tacos from Giliberto's and an official plug for the brakes...

That afternoon it was lightly sprinkling; weather is different out there. Radar like this would have been rain in New England; I think the air was so dry most of it was evaporating before getting to the ground.

Never the less we figured we'd take a drive up to Arches for the photographic "golden hour."

Road Trip 2023 Day 16

...we had a little "issue" you'll see further down. Gunnison over Engineer Pass, then headed to Moab so we were more likely to get Jeep-specific parts and help if needed on a Sunday.

(Need to put Gaia map here)

All things considered...this happened in the best spot we had been in for a while.

The route out direct to Ouray is quite rough; much tougher than the actual pass.

Rear swaybar link came loose, and took out a brake line.

With some advise from some folks who stopped to help, Eric whittled a wooden plug to stop up the brake line (we cut the brake line off then screwed back the fitting with the plug inside). I had the rest of the tools and extra fluid.

Next day when we got the replacement parts, also picked up a cap specifically designed to plug off brake lines.

Originally I was going to head towards Elephant Hill in Canyonlands; this we decided hotel in Moab.