Monday, October 25, 2021

Trip Day 28 -- Across Iowa

Fairly easy day, got a pizza and was at the hotel by 5pm.

Lots of farmland, first half was crossing on mostly two-lane highways and even some gravel (but they do a hell of a job on gravel out here, I don't know what their secret sauce was but I was doing 40 and could've easily done 60...)

Would love to know why my map emphasizes "Brandon" instead of "Sioux Falls"...considering Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota.

...but then again today when I got on U.S. 20 (the straight, south most line on the map) which was a divided highway my car GPS didn't think a road existed until I was all the way zoomed in.

So I'm thinking these will be the next hops:
Tuesday: Lafayette, IN
Wednesday: Millersburg, OH
Spend Thursday aroud Millersburg (big Amish area) then a short 2 hour hop to Youngstown-ish, OH
Friday: Bighamton-ish NY
Saturday: Should get me home...

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