Saturday, October 12, 2019

Driveway #3

Got the roller today :)

There are some larger pieces that came up to the surface (fines got pushed down?) that I may want to dig out and patch with a rake and shovel. I'd also really like a gully whumper frog strangler of a rain to see where puddles form so I can fill those areas too.

I think the grand total is $2,319 direct, plus 15 gallons of diesel for the tractor, plus about 40 hours of my time.

You can see where I've made two passes near the center.

And you can see where I've started to pack down the crushed stone.

The tracks...are because I hit 25mph in the Fusion coming up the driveway :D Yeah, it's a bit smoother than before.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Two years later...

...I find out about the most adorable woman to ever appear on Jeopardy, three time winner Kirsten Cutts:

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Driveway work continues....

Mostly down to some hand work with a rake, then rent a vibratory roller.

Saturday the 21st, before I headed up to Sam's in the afternoon:

Tuesday morning I ordered some 3/4" crushed stone for the top of the driveway, it's probably been 15 years maybe 16 since I put stone down up here and it was pretty much driven into the underlying soil at this point :)

The stone in excess of where I wanted to spread it I used by the garage and old playhouse.

It is still pretty lose, but I'm betting once I have the roller in here it will settle down quite a bit.

Da Fleet, before mowing on Friday.

Saturday 9/28 I smoothed out the last rough spot by the garden and I hauled some more fill for up by the garage.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Amusing myself way too much at work....

Testing how we can have our load balancers split traffic so certain "/contextRoots/" stay in one location, and others are served from another data center

So Massachusetts provides a random picture of a dog, while traffic served from Arizona gets a random picture of a cat :D

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Driveway Work...

I do have some photos to post too, but I've been a bit busy :)

Asphalt millings coming off of I-395 in Putnam for half the price of crushed stone. Since we've gone this far, I'm going to get a load of crushed stone for up by the house (I prefer the looks and it doesn't smell when new) and then rent a vibratory roller to help pack this all down.

I was thinking it was time to order stone, when I saw a Facebook ad for the millings on Friday morning and stopped on my way to work to order it. They dropped off late in the evening, but I got to spread a bit that evening.

One last time mowing the grass strip. I *love* the look of a grass strip up the driveway, I just need to get rid of the mud season.

Friday the 13th, Full Moon, three more loads, and six straight hours on the tractor:

Ordered a fifth load for Saturday morning. I wasn't going to be home, but left a bucket in the driveway where all the loads had been getting dropped trying to minimize cleanup.

I was not happy they dropped it at the top of the driveway instead. At all.

Spread some that afternoon...

And six more hours on Sunday:

You'd almost think I knew what I was doing when I managed to scrape the millings and leave the lawn :) I'm not optimistic about being quite as good on the rest, although I did plan to do leave the lawn in the pic -- it wasn't purely a fluke.

Ordered one more load that I'll use to finish "squaring off" the edges to the driveway, and making a pad where I park the tractor when it is outside: