Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Catching up on winter photos...

The too easy snow run...

Had lots of snow melt in a week! Oh well, good luck predicting the New England weather.

The planned part of this run, however, is probably OK for a club run with 12" of snow...while the roads two weeks ago were too rough for all the Jeeps to make it through that much.

We did get to do some more advanced exploring afterwards (including finding one road now gated & posted at the far end :/ and coming across a tree with a note asking for it to "please" be left across the road, even though I'm pretty sure it's a public access to state wildlife managment land)...and wrapping up checking out some private land with the owners that trails can be built on.

Hey, we're getting passed by a 'yota!

Ice Breaking!

There's a gate!?

Eric Playland

Full snow run (before the bonus trails)
Really boring content...just a tour of my errands before the run, which someone 50 years from now might find cool.

Snow Pre-Run ... and Post-Run

*sigh*...went to bring the 372XP and for the first time ever it failed to start. I put it in the vice the next day, and she burbled to life *shrug*

In addition to the town roads I had planned out, we found a little state forest road I never realized existed. It wasn't signed or anything on one end, though after we made it through we found the other end was barricaded so we turned around and came back out.

Managed to get hung up on a storm-felled limb.

So Sunday was bright and sunny. Grabbed the good camera (that's another post) and checked out a few other places around the same area again.

Darn strangest thing...after doing some more research, this is a town highway bridge. The town road ends about 8' past the bridge, though I believe it then turns into a state forest trail used for snowmobiles.

Little bit of Skopec Road is opened. Didn't feel like risking anything, and I presume the next gate up is closed for winter.