Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clark Griswold, Eat Your Heart Out

A guy who is REALLY into his Christmas Lights. Says it takes 150 hours to setup, and 150 to do the choreography. He also did Halloween lights this year.  He's on Route 205 just south of Brooklyn Iron Works (since the state rebuilt that section years ago, it was really wide shoulders so people can pull off the travel lanes completely and tune their radio into 95.1 to listen to the music).

They have a donation box for the Make-A-Wish foundation which collected $3600 in 2009 and more in 2010.

More YouTube:

And their Facebook page:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I attacked the odds and ends (like the trunk and crotches) from Red Oak I cut last year (year before?).

Didn't bring my good camera, but here's some from the Crackberry.

I'm proud of my stump circumcision -- how even it came out even though I had to walk 360º around the stump as I cut since I didn't want to haul out the big bar.

The Fiskars is good but it ain't that good for those 20" plus crotch pieces. So those had to be cut up using the saw lengthwise...some times one noodle and you could split the rest, some pieces required a pattern of 3 x 3 noodle cuts in both directions to form 9 pieces of firewood.

It's called "noodling" when you cut like this because cutting with the grain produce "noodles" -- normally you cut across the grain which forms much, much smaller chips.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A nice piece of Ash...

Nothing that interesting in the last two months, at least when I had a camera handy :)

Hauled in two loads of Ash today, I figure about 1/2 cord total. This is the "good stuff" -- it has about 24 million BTUs per cord, compared to the Red Maple I burn the most at 18 Million BTUs.

Last weekend I brought down two loads of Red Maple, since that usually good for early and late season, and I keep my Ash & Red Oak for January and February.

Of course we get a bitter cold snap -- Thursday morning it was 5º overnight!

Second load I finished around 4:30, late enough I needed to use the flash to take the pic.

Next couple days are supposed to be a mess -- freezing rain overnight, followed by about 2" of rain over the next two days.