Monday, May 21, 2018

Mortgage Time...

Using the new counter to make sure I have all the paperwork for the bank tomorrow to apply for the mortgage to finance the counter. So meta.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Patchin' and Paitin' and assundry other stuff

The Great Wall of Media:

The new counter is great for rolling out dough :)

So we went from a cold, wet spring to summer without an in wasn't that tall, then it was. My mower can handle it, though Saturday morning I just jump started it and did as much as I could before rain arrived around 9am. I take an extra long Memorial Day weekend and sharpen the blades and the rest of routine maintenance.

I took down the perimeter shelves a week or two ago.

The walls were full of nail holes, sheetrock anchors, etc. So I went to town patching.

Not all of it dried Saturday into Sunday, so one night this week I need to finish sanding the walls.

But the ceiling is painted :)

I hacked Google...

Ok, rather I found an oddly specific search while trying to find a picture that no longer links correctly on this blog -- and every male in the returned results is either me, or George R. R. Martin.

I win the internet.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Electric Usage Update #2

Five lowest electric bills since 1/1/2007:

Month kWh Bill
11/17/2015 271 $60.93
06/19/2007 273 $53.81
02/18/2016 279 $69.44
05/21/2007 295 $63.56
5/18/2018 299 68.52

I figure my sump used to account for $20-30 in a typical month. Summer months had A/C, "shoulder months" like October, April, May when I might use an electric space heater in lieu of lighting the wood stove could be high some years, low others.

11/2015 and 2/2016 were low because of the drought hardly ever had my sump running, while cold enough I was burning wood.

Now my electric bills over the years have quite a bit of variability -- 664kWh/month average, but with a standard deviation of +/- 304kWh.

I'm hoping once I'm back to using the wood stove, this month's bill will be my new Fall/Winter/Spring bill. Summer being higher due to A/C usage.