Friday, October 8, 2021

Trip Day 11 -- Moab & More...

Photos & Videos still running way behind.

Did Hell's Revenge today, then back through Arches National Park and out the back way on dirt roads all the way to I-70 for a gas station to air up at, then down to Dead Horse State Park to watch the sunset.

Back to Arches National Park...let's explore that road that leads out of the north end of the park. (This also appears to be the way to sneak into the park for free :D )

Took unpaved (but graded) roads up to Thompson Springs. Did come across a group of side-by-sides that towed a car up a particularly slick grade.

And onto Dead Horse Point State camera died before the best of sunset. I'll get some nice pics posted when I get around to going through Eric's collection.

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