Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Monday Brushing

Rain was predicted, so I got out at 6:30 (skipping breakfast) and worked till 11...of course the rain held off till the evening.

But made good progress -- raked quite a bit, forked it all to the swamp. Next up is probably another round with the mower and pole saw to cut some of the stuff that the rake didn't pull out.

Getting pretty good with the zero turn mower using as a "wheel chair" -- here moving some scrap plywood from garage to the shed.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Working in the Yard

Actually hiding from the afternoon heat right now, hoping to go back out around 6pm and zip around on the mower cutting more stuff to haul with the tractor tomorrow.

I'm starting to get pretty adept basically using the zero-turn mower as a wheel chair as I cut brush back around the yard. Here I'm picking some brush with a reach tool and stacking it so I can grab it later with the tractor forks.

Got the front end of the tractor greased up, checked oil, checked hydraulic fluid.

Had a zerk that gave me trouble, and while checking if the zerk was bad or what I dropped it and it poofed into an alternative universe -- never heard it hit the concrete, never found it.

But it was a pleasant day to drive to Tractor Supply with the Jeep top open :)

Can't really tell, but I pulled out some of the wild rose I cut from around the birch tree, and added to the pile some small trees I cut down by the house, before hauling it away.

Hopefully next pic of the birch will show a lot of progress -- now that it's a bit thinner I need to come over with the mower and pole saw and cut more of the roses back.

Stacking stuff to make fewer runs to the brush dump.

This bush along the drive way is a bit hacked up at the moment, but at least for the first time in years I've gotten the multiflora rose out of it.

Friday, May 24, 2024

More Yard & Garage Work

Time for coffee...finally remembered to drive down Church Street -- the Quineabuag has undercut the bank near the road; they're scheduled to move the phone poles from that side of the road to the other next week.

Army Corps and all the other agencies and engineers are working on a plan of what to do.

Holy Schnikes...maybe the holiday weekend? I know I see this on weekends at the Brooklyn Baker's Dozen but at 8am on a Friday?!

(I usually stop at the Putnam one now on my way to work, less traffic and less busy to deal with)

Butch haying in the field by Gorman & Creamery Brook (on the Creamery side) for one of the last times...

Finally setting up the battery-powered grease gun. Major goal is to get the tractor in the garage (no later than Sunday morning) to grease it before I do the next batch of brush clearing.

But a lot of today was dump runs --
7 bags of garbage
5 gallons of used motor oil
3 old car & mower batteries

Did some more trimming :)

Hmmm, don't like that -- dying branches on the Ash trees at the end of the driveway, Emerald Ash Borer might be here.

Emptied the back of the Jeep so I could haul garbage bags...usually don't have quite this much but had chucked a bunch of stuff I normally keep behind the drivers seat into the way back before I went to help Eric winch out the Bobcat. I had taken them out when I put it in the transmission shop since his "just leave the keys in the visor" didn't give me warm fuzzies they kept things locked uo.

Used my creeper so I can roll the stuff around till I'm ready to load up the Jeep again.

Pondering why there is pea gravel in my spare tire tread...

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Garage Progess

Just rainy enough, just cold enough to avoid doing any yard work (other than quickly clearing one thing from the driveway since I had a Amazon order coming).

First pic is a couple weeks ago but pretty much what it looked like yesterday.

Never really cleaned it up after the rush getting the Jeep ready for the trip, and my knee was to painful to work over the winter.

What old man level do you unlock when you use the grabber tool to reach out for the cinnamon whiskey to add to my coffee at 11:30?

But scooting around on my rolling stool, made some real good progess

Friday, May 17, 2024

FInally starting to make some progress...

I've setup a 3 day weekend -- 4 day weekend -- 4 day weekend schedule to hopefully start catching up on stuff around the garage and yard.

Got a pole saw attachment for my Milwaukee "multi tool" or whatever they call this -- it has a weed whacker head too. The curving is from the Panoramic photo.

I can't use the tractor bucket to drag this wild rose bush, due to the stone work near it. So it's got to get cut:

And also got started on cleaning the garage -- the rolling stool worked out well letting me do stuff like sweep without having to stand up as I did it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Bobcat Stuck!

Eric got Missy's Bobcat stuck -- fortunately not buried, just couldn't get traction. I think he got it stuck Sunday, Friday he and Scott spent four hours trying to get it moving with tractors and trucks that just spun their wheels. I came up Saturday and from the time I parked to the time I was done and loaded back up was 20 minutes :D

The first video is the second video, but much better quality...

This was the first pull but my dashcam was smudged for some reason.