Saturday, October 23, 2021

Trip Day 26 -- Rapid City, S.D.

Photo Update: Got photos uploaded finally for days 23, 24, and 25. Not annotated yet though, and I may cull a few from there. These are only the iPhone photos; the good camera will probably wait until I get home.

Made it across Wyoming...slowly.

Ran the Jeep through a touchless car wash in Cody (mainly to clean the windshield really well...the whole "you don't get as many bugs on your windshield anymore" thing I'm really thinking doesn't apply to farming areas..

Leaving Cody noticed a shake at 65mph, maybe it was the road? Definitely didn't have it before. But meh, 65 is fast enough and there isn't a lot in that part of Wyoming, particularly on a Saturday. Plus I a 9,000' pass in Big Horn National Forest when it was lightly snowing didn't lend itself to speed in the middle part of the trip :D

The shake was still there when I got to the Interstate, an hour later arrived in Gillete, found a chain tire store still open on Saturday afternoon, said it almost felt like I lost a wheel weight but couldn't see how a car wash could do that...I was close. What it turns out the car wash did was wash *mud* off unevenly...the mud must've been evenly balanced for quite some time, I washed some off putting it out of balance :D

Tomorrow will be Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse (probably), see if I can find prairie dogs in Badlands National Park, then on to Sioux Falls.

Going to add a couple photos to the Yellowstone posts...but I'm still waiting for all the photos to sync up so I can go through them properly.

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