Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Trip Day 22 -- One last adventure near Hurricane then North...

Managed to nail the timing so I pretty much skirted a storm system.

Took an hour or so to go explore the Babylon Mills trail before heading north. Was planning to take I-70/US 89/US 6 up towards Provo, but ended up looking like it was raining on that side of the mountain so yet again I stuck to the fairly boring at this point I-15.

Maybe half the journey you could see water in the rumble strips, sometimes the left lane was still wet, but I only got a few sprinkles on my windshield. Did stop in Nephi to eat at a Denny's (perhaps the first time since I was 20-something and drunk at 3am, at least first I can remember...) partly to buy a little extra time for the storm to finish spitting.

Photos...I have time but have to wait for the phone and laptop to sync again :/ Don't know why it randomly brings in photos instead of all at once or at least in order which I could at least work around.

Currently in Evanston, WY. Tomorrow want to find a shop to rotate my tires, then a 3 hour drive to Jackson, WY so I'll probably poke around the Grand Teton National Park which is around Jackson. Yellowstone south gate is a little over an hour from Jackson. I'll go through Yellowstone to Cody which is an hour from the east gate and then stay in Cody for a couple days and use that as the exploration base.

Didn't take a video...but hell this pretty much is the whole thing but I didn't go down the last hill to the river itself.

My tires weren't aired down and I really didn't want to deal with airing down and if the Internet has taught me anything it's that there is soft sand down there :)

It ISN'T the notorious Sand Chute which is a little ways up the river -- I think you could get there the way I went in if I explored some of the other trails. But I also was somewhat on a schedule to head north...

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