Thursday, November 24, 2011

We're skidding!

I'm getting into an area that some of the trees are down on the steep hillside that I can't just drive up to the logs to load. And I'm loathe to buck them into blocks and then toss the blocks 2, 3, 4 times (and much would need to be split to even be small enough to toss) up to the landing.

Not a problem :)

Loaded up the Ranger with wood I had ready to load, then hook up a log.

I also cut the bottom of the log at a sharper angle to reduce the tendency to snag, and set the chains so the pull would be from the bottom.

Used a couple 6' logging chains, I was just barely able to wrap one around the log. Used a second from the one that wrapped the log to the strap.

Thanksgiving morning I similarly moved some *much* smaller logs (maybe 12" diameter) which the Ranger barely even noticed it was pulling.

Load Count:
1 Load Monday, 1-1/4 Loads in 2 trips on Thursday (BIG blocks!). Total I'm figuring at 8-3/4. Hoping to get 3-4 more in this long weekend.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

024 for Eric

Cleaned up the 024 and brought it to Eric on Saturday. Still getting over a really bad cold (mild flu?), was able to do light work like this and working on my truck this weekend, but no stamina for hard work. Cut up a 1/4 cord of wood today (including some noodling and taking down a large stump to ground level)...and that was all she wrote.

I spent about $70 on a new chain, bar cover, oil and gas caps, a quart of oil, and a scrench to set Eric up. A very fair trade (translation: steal of a deal).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday's Haul

Got three loads, figuring 1/4 cord per load, in today.

Most of the first two were already blocked up though there was a little bit of cutting.  Third load needed to be blocked up.

Mix of green red oak (2 broken tops from Irene, with the bottom of one of the oaks too) and 2 well seasoned red maples that I snagged a couple years ago.  Had my neighbor with the backhoe pull the the tops and snags down for me so I didn't have to screw with them.

The new to me 372XP is a firewood creating machine :)  Gonna take me a while to build up muscle memory that when using the saw with the wrong shade of orange the stop is right, not up.

Four loads, my Fiskars, and my firewood cart.  It's made by Mid West Products in Phillipston, OH -- , but you can buy it much cheaper through Harbor Freight instead of direct from them -- .  Should be about a cord there once split, there is another pile of small stuff behind the two rows you see.

I figure I need 16 loads per year, I'm on 6-1/2, and my goal is 24 for this year to build up a two cord reserve towards next year when I'll get a more efficient stove but can no longer get away with burning green wood.

Also learned my current Advil needed is three loads.  My fat ass could do 1/2 cord day in, day out right now no problem, that next quarter did me in.  Also also learned I'm out of Advil.  *sigh*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chainsaw Geekdon

Yes, on one web forum I check we post pics of the gear we use for cutting firewood.  Geekdom knows no bounds.

This is the typical kit I bring with me into the woods, sometimes I don't bring it all, but pretty rare I need to grab any other toys.

Stihl MS-360 (bought used on Craigslist).  This saw does most of my cutting.
Stihl 024AV (Also bought used, being replaced soon, there will be a post why :) ).  Nice lightweight saw for trimming up the tops.  Learned years ago it's always good to have two saws.  Once just after I finished dropping a tree for a friend in a neighborhood my saw broke and made me realize if I was most of the way done with the felling cut when it failed we would've been stuck with a dangerous tree that the wind could push over but and no way to finish the cut.
Chaps & Helmet
Fiskars Super Splitter splitting axe
Logrite Peavey with Timberjack...these guys are made in Vernon, CT!
Gas & Oil

My tool box --
Flagging tape (use it to mark trees I want to cut or keep when scouting)
Scrench, screwdriver, brush, etc for basic maintenance
Sharpening files for the chains
Safety glasses, yellow tinted.  Really nice for really late in the day -- don't ask me why but they do make things a lot brighter!
Felling wedges
Spare chains
Spare 20" bar case I get the 360 stuck and I don't have another saw, I can take off the power head and cut out the other bar :)
Fiskars hatchet
Teflon mower deck spray, used on the Fiskars splitting ax to make it a little slipperier in wood.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Deer Alarm Went Off

Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

I know what that means!

Click the pictures to see more easily, at least 5 and probably 6 maybe 7.  There were an awful lot of tails and heads at one point.

I'm really impressed by the quality on the zoom.  I guess it's the beautiful, bright light we've had the last several days -- I guess with the earth tilting away from the sun now that it's autumn, it has a less harsh effect then say May or June.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's time to make like a beaver...

First load 2011/2012 off the woodlot. Figure I've already brought up to the porch one load from trees down in the yard. So let's call it 2/16 -- I'm figuring I need 16 loads this size to heat for the winter with my current stove. In the past I've split in the woodlot and then hauled down. New plan, since I fear a winter like 2010/2011 again, is to haul down as fast as I can the split it during later -- goal is to have the 16 loads brought down by December 1st. Fortunately my stove can burn green wood.

Once that's done, I'd like to bring down another 8 loads (2 more cords) to season for next season, when I should have a much more efficient woodstove installed which will burn only half as much wood but it's got to be seasoned. I'll still probably buy two good seasoned cords next year to go with the stove.

Pretty sure the wood is white oak -- doesn't look red to me, leaves look like white instead of red oak, and it's heavy as all sin!