Friday, October 1, 2021

Trip Day 4. -- Made it to Santa Fe

More photos to it's hard following with my electronic devices my timeline since they're adjusting (I think) to time zones. Believe I left Tulsa at 8:30 and arrived in Santa Fe 7:30 Central / 6:30 Mountain time...but it seems to me it should've been closer to 10 than 11 hours.
But from here out for the most part I shouldn't have any more days this long on the interstates, certainly not two in a row.

Tenatively thinking camping tomorrow (have to check weather), hotel in Durango on Sunday, Ophir Pass towards Silverton on Monday but have to figure out hotel or camping. Need to have a hotel near Denver Tuesday night, and already booked a room in Silverton for Wednesday night.

Descriptions for another day perhaps...

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