Monday, September 11, 2017

Finally Firewooding!

My knee is finally letting me do some most after a weekend of firewood and getting the house prepped for rebuilding it takes a day to recover unlike back in May and June where I would be down for a week.

Still have to take it slow and easy.

Figure first morning it took me 2-1/2 hours to go through a tank of gas in the saw. 1-1/2 the second time, and third time about an hour...but my log deck was getting filled up with wood and I need space!

August 27:

Labor Day Saturday:

Well hello there, do you know how to swing an ax?

Saturday 9/9 I did another chainsaw tank...and conceeded two things. One, I needed to get wood split and out of my way. Two, there was no way my stamina would come up quick enough for me to get this done in a timely using my splitting ax, while also supporting the house rebuilding project this fall. Time to go see Dubay's again...!@#%# he even remembers my last name now. "When can I pick it up?" "This afternoon." "I'll be back with my truck." Dale had the bill already written up when I got back. Same price as Home Depot, and I know this is fresh from then warehouse and didn't sit outside in the equipment pen with a flat tire all winter like I've seen at Home Depot. Ariens has good reviews online, and I liked the smaller size (since I can't justify spending the money on a really nice splitter like a Super Split). #IspendtoomcuhatDubays

So Monday afternoon...25 minutes to split:

15 minutes to stack (that surprised me)...but I know both will get faster as I build my stamina back up. Knee isn't even bothering me now as I type this.

I tape measured and applied a scientific wild ass guess of windage to figure this works out to 3' x 4' by 1.3' (16") or 15.6 c.f. or 1/8th cord.