Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trip Day 29 -- Onto Indiana

Made it to Lafeyette, Indiana tonight...and made it in good time :/ Probably could've pushed another hour east, but had already booked a room here. Did about 2/3rds interstate and the last 1/3rd on a nice two-lane road through a good part of Illinois and a little bit of Indiana.

This leg was 6-1/2 hours / 391 miles per Google Maps.

Tomorrow's should be 5-1/2 hours/ 319 miles (of course they always take a bit more time to empty my personal tank and fill the tank on the Jeep).
Disappointed I haven't seen any more harvesting going on -- entire time since I entered Iowa I've only seen a single combine running. But looks like they recently got a lot of rain so I'm guessing the fields are too wet. Was hoping to get some nice pics of them runnning :/. Was just checking the forecast and indeed they have flood watch/warnings up for some of the rivers.

Other mysteries to ponder: Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana almost all the rural phone lines are buried. The poles only carry power. Only overhead telephone cable I saw looked old, hagard, and had buried cable across the street from it.

Pictures on the iPhone are all screwed up trying to sync...:/

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