Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jeep Specs

2010 JKUR

Tires: 32" 255/75R17
(Will fit -- just barely -- 33x12.50)

Wheels: 17"
5x5" Lug Pattern

Transmission: NSG370 (built by Mercedes)
The NSG370 does not use standard gear oil for lubrication
MOPAR􏰁 Manual Transmission Lubricant or equivalent (meeting the re- quirements of Chrysler Material Standard MS-9224).

Ham Radio:

Icom ID-5100A
Antenna Mount: Comet CP-5NMO; Max power 75W VHF, 50W UHF
Antenna: Diamond NR770HNMO;
3.0dB(2m); 5.5dB(70cm); Max power 200W
1/2 wavelength 2m radialless
2 x 5/8 wavelength 70cm phase element radialless
APRS APO3 automatic switch (turns on when voltage >= 13 volts, turns off 10 minutes after voltage drops) Lido Products LM-1201

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Snow & Sky

I have the Jeep...could we get some snow that would be fun on the weekend? Instead of just enough the Fusion can comfortably handle it, but I still need to go clean off the snow-that-has-been-rained-on stuff while it is 40 before getting cold again for the rest of the week?

Deer licking road salt maybe?

Ran out to put the mailbox back up while it was still warm. 40 dropping into the teens overnight :/

Circle around the block, but the light had already changed at the Pakulis farm :(. Of course I also didn't take my good camera with me, what gorgeous light this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

YouTube Link Megathread...

One place to store various links:

Reindeer Games...

Researching around...a full head isn't best to mount over a woodstove (too warm), and knowing my lack of weekly vacuuming something that would hold in a lot of dust probably isn't the best idea.

But antlers from Craigslist? We can do that!

Night I picked them up was Ro's 80th.

Kiya asked the name, I countered it didn't have a face...but settled on Ernie. From there it was short trip to Arvid :D

Monday, January 6, 2020

New Moons 2020

New Moons, in reasonably warm weather:


Meteor Showers: Lyrids Peak: 4/22 Perseids Peak: 8/12
Dark Site Finder map:

I'm thinking Chamberlain Bridge may offer some convenient from the road access to south-facing shoreline: