Saturday, March 28, 2020

Much of March Picture Dump

I've been on Work-From-Home since March 16th. This is what I am built for...while other folks are anxious and such, my anxiety has collapsed. Still working steadily, good pay, gives me puzzles to solve during the day but allows me to take breaks to do things around the house; and most of all not having to be around people all day. Eating well, eating less, and getting regular short intervals of exercise in (like 5 minutes every couple hours on the recumbant bike).

Seriously. Best I've felt at least since 2016.

3/19 The first pic is fuzzy, but damn this dough was loving life and raised like crazy!

3/20 Toast and fried eggs? Oh yeah :)

3/21 Making some yogurt, trying a bit different. Started one pint with my normal Chobani & Siggis combination, then used it in a big mixing cup to mix it up to make the next three pints. Not very happy, it was messier than expected pouring back in jars (should've used a funnel).

Okey Dokey, Amazon trading packages in my yard.

3/21 Some sort of half-assed chicken parm. Egg noodles I had left over in the fridge, rest of the sauce from the pizza, couple chicken cutlets with cheese.

3/22 Chuck steak from the sous vide!

Left over egg noodles, plus the veggies from some vegetable soup I made last week...fried up with a bit of cheese.

3/23 Time for some oatmeal raisin cookies for the freezer!

Piece of cod for dinner :)

Of course, I have a friend who is a professional chef who is bored at home and puts my cookies to shame. Those are cupcakes.


3/24 Left over steak & taters for lunch.

Tuna melt for dinner.

3/25 Noodles & Wine

3/26 Yogurt, canned pineapple, frozen strawberries...looked better before I added the water :)

The important types of Alcohol for dealing with Coronavirus :)

Chicken Cutlet for lunch.

Sprayed deer repellent.

Waiting for the ducks to swim in the pond again...

Hot Sausage from Campbell's stand & Jalapenos!

3/27 Breakfast

3/28 I had gotten out a bit mid-week (Wednesday I think; I had planted Potatoes) and split about 1/3rd this pile of wood. Got out early Saturday morning and did more -- feeling really well, no pain, my knees were completely stable. I actually had to pull the reigns hard, I wanted to do a bit more but knew I had to pace myself splitting.

Next loads I split I'll put into the long-term storage; I think I may have enough on the deck to make it through April (except maybe not since I'm home during the day burning a bit more...tough to judge this time of year and situation!)

Picked up the rototiller finally. Onions & Peas should get planted this week.

Vigo Yellow Rice & the Sausage/Veggie stuff with cheese. I love that rice.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Jeep won't start...

...more to come :D So came out Sunday morning after the Jeep club run, battery was deader that a door knob (5.8 volts). The old battery tested bad at Advanced Auto so I bought a new...still no dice. Wouldn't even try to turn over, looked like the computer wasn't recognizing the key -- it wouldn't operate the locks or the alarm, and the battery tested good.

So...since step #1 of installing the new fat guy seat brackets to move it back a bit more is disconnecting the power for 30 minutes for air bag safety, might as well install the new brackets :)

Front bolts where no major problem...rear bolts holy hell took my 3/4" breaker bar o_O

New brackets installed, complete with a bit of never seize :)

License plate was a casualty of off-roading. Extended delivery times due to Corona, so temp repairs until the new one arrives:

Yeah, that's just not good on the display...

Few days later, still trying to hunt down the parasitic load that is probably my problem...

Conceded it was time for the dealer. I was suspicious of the computer that recognizes the key having an issue, which means the dealer would have to re-program the key anyway.
Ended up being the electric disconnect for the front sway bar had a short, which was preventing the computers from booting o_O. Took the dealership techs several hours to track down. They disconnected it. I can convert it to a manual disconnect for $95 plus about a day of my have already been delivered, just need to clean up my garage enough I have a bench to work on to replace the parts (have to remove from Jeep to do the job).

While it was at the dealer, had them make another ignition key. At $300 that was almost a third of the bill by itself. Holy profit margin.

Top Row: First Aid kit, Tow rope/tow accessories/plastic bags, Clothes/Blanket/Map Books
Bottom Row: Compressor, Chain/Hard Shackles/Tow Hitch,Tool Kit
Behind: Traction Boards