Friday, October 22, 2021

Trip Day 25 -- Yellowstone II addition to the Northeast Entrance being closed already, the road from Canyon to Tower ("Buffalo Ford" on this map) was closed. Dunno about the rest, but the part by Mammoth didn't look super interesting and rather than go in-and-back on the north side of the Grand Loop, decided to go back down to the Firehole area. Which I enjoyed, but meant re-covering a lot of the same roads I already did once or twice yesterday.

But I did take a bunch of photos with the good camera, but those will probably wait till I get back home.

And the iPhone photos are running a couple days behind in sync'ing...hopefully tonight. figure out the plan for tomorrow :) Will be headed east, just not sure yet to exactly where.

From the phone...have a bunch on the good camera, too.

One of these days photos will synchronize so I can through all them.

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