Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Picture Dump

4" of wet snow today...mower did great plowing it.

And it's time to catch on pics for the first half of January:

Built a mantle finally!

Unlike the perimeter bookshelf that I simply rested on top of the eye-screws lagged into the studs, I used my new router to make a groove for them to rest flush in:

I cut the eyes off the screws after lagging them in:

Decided it needed a piece of trim around the top. Nailing it down wasn't enough, so I set a bead of wood glue -- then realized the four clamps I had weren't enough!!! Had to run across the street to the hardware store and buy a mix-and-match from their economy tool table:

And with it stained...stonework this summer!

Made some stove-top chili slow-cooked overnight:

And while I've cut my wheat consumption at least in half since this fall...sometimes I splurge. Pancake time!

Who the heck was the engineer who designed this? Need to drill a hole to screw in the angle iron to reinforced the cantilevered part of the bookshelf. (Thank goodness I had a right angle adapter that was able to do the job).

Done! I will hide the angle iron some how...maybe just paint it to match the wall when I paint it?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day stuff...

Starting off with Oscar resting up on New Years Eve in his new bed from Aunt Pat:

Picked up a Router (and yet more Red Oak boards) at Lowes between a gift card and my work Christmas bonus on New Years Eve to be ready for today's projects:

Needed the router to make grooves in the boards to accomodate the pot rack, plus I know I'll need it when I finally get to the point of building the custom desk I want :)

On the woodstove side I need to build a mantle, though I'm starting to get a good idea how I'll built it. It'll continue the red oak trim theme. Also need to some quarter-round to neaten up the wall/ceiling corner. (And that whole ceiling above the woodstove needs work.)

On the kitchen side, I need to move the counter & baker racks it sits on around so I can fix up the wall and window behind it and get that painted this winter (you can see the new color on the woodstove side):

This summer, since I can't do it during wood burning season, I'll get the backer board covered with a cultured stone similar to this:

And also hung up the sign: