Sunday, July 4, 2021

05 June 2021...getting stuck with the doors off...

Looks like a good time to take the doors off :)

But first...seriously Facebook? What, people got butt hurt over tax policy discussions using a common English phrase? Dead clear, for those that don't know (like prisses at Facebook), comes from water that you can see to great depths due to lack of life like the Dead Sea and chlorinated and filtered swimming pools.

Started off the day fixing the broken 4wd shift bushing...this would've been a pain on the trail (but doable). My finger tips could just reach where it goes without dropping the skid plate, but just reach -- not enough to manipulate it into position.

It's that new white thingy in the center of the photo.

Cover for the quick access to the top bushing.

Let's go check out some stuff on Eric's property...

Well...shit. We went down one trail and I thought I might need to winch through the wet spot and then winch again on the way out, and I couldn't make a difficult corner in reverse, so I did a bit of bushwhacking to make a multi-point turn.

And forgot I had my front plate on since I didn't plan to do serious off roading :D

On the way in, we noticed the tractor was at the bottom of the hill after Scott had been cleaning up stones on the road...well shit, with it freshly dug up and recent rain I couldn't make it up the hill (with the tractor blocking my from getting a good running start).

Time for Eric to learn how to be the winch wench.

06 June 2021 Brookridge

Or is it Brook Ridge?

Anyway, it's a Jeep club owned property. Not my club :)

I got home ~9:30 on Saturday night, weather looked fantastic to go somewhere without doors. Remembered a Facebook post about a land fundraising run that was "Green" trails up around Winchedon. Sure that sounds nice and easy!

Turns out it was all on the property...they admitted at the start their "Green" trails were starting to border Blue...then things got interesting :D

It was a day of some very good wheeling. I finally had to call uncle around 1pm and say let's eat lunch then head out because without the doors the heat was getting to me. Turned out good timing, by the time we had lunch and dealt with some minor mechanicals on other vehicles, the Blue/Black guys were ready to head home too.



I can do this...I need a spotter, but I can do this.


So we took a "wrong" turn down a blue trail. A hard blue trail. The first two on that (not the above) weren't issues, just needed spotting because wheel placement and timing was critical but not an challenge...I have no -- zero, nada, nicht -- idea how he managed to guide me through this section. Though we suspect this is where I bent my fron *steel* bumper.

I also put a dent in the upper right hand corner of the opening for my driver door, not bad, shouldn't cause any issues.

Not even on a hard part, I could clear a tree on a side-slope looking from hood level down...I didn't pay enough attention to my Jeep leaning left and the tree up high :/

13 June 2021 -- George Washington Area

Doors off Sunday drive!!!

Starting at the south end of O.K.

Memorial to Jose Zuniga:

Now which of the left turns is M T? Nope, not this one!

This one! No gate, no signs.

And that's first sign or gate, guess it's time to take W T on out.