Sunday, October 24, 2021

Trip Day 27 -- Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and holy cow Badlands National Park!

Actually bought the card from my good camera in tonight These are just the raw photos, I just went through quick to grab a few, and once home and have time I can pick out the best and properly adjust them on my computer for exposure, dehaze the sky, etc.

Not even sure which way is up...left Rapid City around 9am. Got to Sioux City I think at 6:30 Mountain/7:30 Central but the darn time zone changed half way through the state.

Think I'll plan for a shorter day tomorrow, that was two long driving days in a row.

Not wild horses...saw some yesterday, but by the time I saw the roadside pull off with the signs saying I was in a horse reserve, then looked around and saw a herd in the very distance...I figured it would have been a couple hour back tracking, finding trails out to about where they were, then working my way back out, and I already had a fairly long drive planned to the next hotel :( But I got these guys.

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