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Jeep Links

I understand how thoroughly irrational Jeep prices are (second only to pickup trucks, at least ever since Cash for Clunkers set the used market for trucks crazy). But despite being overpriced, this is why I'm having such a hard justifying used instead of custom ordering something exactly like I'd like -- 4 years, 50,000 miles and the price is only 25% less.

Un-stucking Stuff:

MaxTrax Recovery the home built ones I used to get the '84 2wd Ranger free on Tripp Hollow many years ago :)

6,000# More Power Puller, Synthetic Rope 3-35-A-SLT, plus extension handle

ARB Land Anchor:

-- Recovery Strap (want it ~17,500# for Jeeps; too strong is counterproductive for recovery since you want to absorb some of the shock) or better Recovery Rope (7/8" for Jeep / SUV; can be a bit stronger than straps since it has ~40% stretch). I'm thinking a 20' Bubba rope is good, can use a tow strap to extend if necessary but can't make 30' shorter.
-- A couple Tree Saver (anchor point plus another for a redirect)
-- Winch Extender or Tow Strap, both of which stronger is better
-- Bull Rope (I'm thinking 200' low stretch, 5/8" around 17,000# breaking strength) -- Shackles (rope and metal) and tackle

SWL/NWL/WLL -- Safe Working Load, Normal Working Load, Working Load Limit
MBS/MBL -- Minimum Breaking Strength, Minimum Breaking Load
Typical SF Safety Factor is 5:1 MBS = 5x the SWL
10kN = 2,248#

Add to that a bull rope and pulleys for a mechanical advantage system if additional pull is needed, I just haven't finished working out the math yet on rope size, pulley load rating, etc.

Why Amsteel Blue isn't good for a bull rope (it's too slippery / loses strength dramatically when knotted and for similar reasons can't be prusick'd if I'm using that word correctly :D
"Recovery rings" that are even simpler than traditional pulleys, plus soft (rope) shackles. "Rigging rings" on Arborist sites seem to the be same thing but considerably less expensive (i.e. no Jeep premium) :) :

And some Rigging Plates. This is rated at 32kN; again I haven't worked out the math yet:

Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller
3-35-A-SLT $399
Extension Handle $9
35' 5/16" Amsteel
6,000# dead lift on double line
100' 5/16" Winch Extension $230
Has eyes on each end

5/16" = 8mm
Recovery Ring & Soft Shackle $189 x2

Or snatch blocks -- heavier, but more efficient
Needs to be U-groove for synthetic
15,000# Block $105
Shackles $44 of each???

Portable compressor:

...or just setup a CO2 system; since the bottle will need to be hydro'd/replaced every 5 years so maybe you can swap at a welding shop?

Extendable Shovel:

Chopping Axe:

And a Pro-Bar Halligan, just because -- of course:

Metal Cloak front bumper: Tool carrying tire rack -- get the universal tool carriers for either side, one for shovel & axe, one for boards:

LOD Destroyer Tire & Tool Carrier:

(And use a a couple keyed-alike gun cable locks to secure the handtools, another for jack.)

Nice pic of a camping setup along with a rear shelf:

Over window Mosquito netting:

Also need string / carbiners / curtains to hang up for privacy.¤cy=USD&utm_campaign=gs-2019-06-03&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsKrz1eOc5AIVF8DICh10Iw3FEAQYBSABEgK02_D_BwE
Sleeping pad for Wrangler:

DIY pad:

Mosquito nets for windows for ventilation:

Self-supporting shelter (smaller than an EZ-UP to pack); just need to figure out if the side door would clear. Looking for both "sitting room" as well as being able to get in / out in rain reasonably dryly:

Above, plus a inner release latch for tailgate, from

Sunray 109 mini-camper
Really impressive site on discrete camping:
Over the wheel table: Nice compact grilling rack: and nice utensil kit I stumbled across: Coleman Stove/Grill combon: Electronics:

Especially that antenna that can lay flat!

Nice head mounting long as it's detachable. Actually couple real good ideas on page 2 as well, including wiring them to the factory AUX switch which would make it easy to turn them all off at once (i.e. mute)
When choosing an inverter try to get one that puts out a sine-wave (best) or modified sine-wave (not as good) waveform, has low-voltage cut-off (to save your battery from being run down too low) and GFCI protection (to prevent electrocution). These tend to be more expensive, but it's worthwhile to protect your life and your rig.

Rust Encapsulators:

Backup camera integrated factory radio:
Remote starter with "reservation mode" for manuals

500 amp Winch battery switch (call me leery of the fire hazard of powerlines run along the chassis for years and years...) .

Probably a better idea for my use case, put a quick-connect pigtail on the battery, pigtail on the winch, and quick connect ends on a appropriate length cable. Still have to open the hood (which I would do to turn the switch). "Jumper cable" clamps aren't as efficient as having the wiring bolted to the battery.

Stinger video:
To download FB videos, get the URL and convert the www to ""

Square link tire chains:

Bah! The take-no-prisoners Pewag Mud & Snow Square Links:
REAL nice tailgate table:

Lange Original Aluminum Bumper

JK Fusebox Layout

MCE Fenders

Metalcloak Bumpers

How to reverse pull yourself out with a winch:

Not a Jeep, but I just like the recovery video for Sherman tanks :D.
Flushing radiator:
Fixing fuel fill issue:

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