Friday, September 25, 2020

25 September 2020 -- Had to see Norm...

Picked up a screw (and pretty sure from my own garage :/) ... anyway Norm checked it and it was just barely, barely leaking so he put a plug in.

I think I sharpened the chain this spring :). Anyway, no time tonight to do it...but did fuel up and take the files with me. Jeep is all set for the morning except for me grabbing chow from the house before I head out in the morning for a group trip to "Class IV roads in Vermont, listed as impassable."

Thursday, September 24, 2020

23-24 September 2020 Shocks & Oil

Lunchtime got the anti-flicker/wiring adapter installed from the fog lights.

My garage looking like a Chicago ER a 3am on a summer holiday weekend.

Front shocks I could easily compress by I went and cut the straps off the rears so they wouldn't be in the way...

That was a mistake. Fine, I'll put on my own giant zip ties...except it was so strong it stripped out a giant wire tie o_O

Passenger side I could use a ratchet strap to compress it once the bottom was bolted hand tight.

The ratchet wasn't going to get enough to clear the muffler on the driver side. Loosely bolted the top and used a jack and pry bar on the bottom.

TWO effing hours just to get those shocks on.

To avoid the shower of rust use they pry bar to knock the loose stuff off. Then when I was done sprayed with Fluid Film.

All I did was replace the shocks...and the perpetual check engine line turns off #JeepLife

Thursday morning warmed the car up, worked till 11, went out and pulled the drain while it was still...well warmish. Came back at noon time to finish the oil change. Definitely easiest to replace the oil filter from up top even standing on a stool.

Mental note: Need to grease zerks before I change the oil :D

I...I just don't know how I did this.

Drought Continues

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

22 September 2020 -- Buttoning up

Not much today -- did a bit at lunch and coffee break in the afternoon.

Happy with the wiring. One more big wire tie of the bundle off to the bumper should eliminate any movement.

Hrrrrmpppph...couldn't fit the grill back on. Had to cut off two clips and an alignment pin with the Dremel. There are still clips on each side; the driver side needs some care to work the wire to a (outside temperature?) sensor around it. Everything seems solid though.

Thought of removing the control head, but the bolts in the front are blocked by the light brackets, and I'm afraid those are held in my nuts I would lose and not be able to get back on.

I think if I take the bumper off, I'd add another 1/2" of bar stock as a spacer to push it out a bit. I'd also like to put some bar stock on the backside; sounds like the Maximus-3 directions relocated some plates from behind to the in front of the part beams the bumper bolts too. Probably good to spread the load a bit.

Monday, September 21, 2020

21 September 2020 -- Bumper is on

Studs look pretty dirty...

Hmmm, it's too tight to use the round wire brush on the drill...wait...I have a stud cleaner set :)

LOL...guess the former owner liked shooting. Found in the pile of "stuff" under the radiator that I need to vacuum out before buttoning up.

And all that is left is buttoning up the front and putting the wings back on the bumper for daily use.

Oh, and I have an adapter kit coming for the factory-to-fog-light wiring...the one that came with it had been cut off so I was missing the appropriate plugs.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

What the winch & bumper came from...

Not sure if I posted this before on the blog.

PIAA Lights:

Took a bit of digging...they are PIAA 520 ATP off-road lights.

Retail for $369, but the replacement wiring harness/relay/switch has a MRSP of $100

20 September 2020

Well, it was obvious I wouldn't get the bumper on today -- the fairlead holder thingy needed a second coat.

It was also pretty chilly, so I took a drive while it warmed up.

Hit one dirt road near Acadia...holy heck I was kicking up a heck of a dust cloud even doing just 20mph.

Take out the air box, move the power steering reservoir out of the way.

I was watching to make sure I ran this so it wasn't rubbing the radiator or putting pressure on whatever that aluminum line is.

That's Cable Porn level work :D

Oh Frack! While the negative was an exposed lug, it turns out the postive goes into a sealed controller box. Had to cut the lug off and convert to a butt connector. Thankfully NAPA in Plainfield had a 2 AWG butt connector in stock!

Need a new sticker maybe :D

Saturday, September 19, 2020

19 September 2020 -- Winch install begins

Well, the new shocks now are not due until Monday. So let's work on the winch since I can't go anywhere without putting the old shocks back on.
Side note, it sure as heck bounces around without shocks!!! Just turning it around in the yard was amazing the difference.

The JK Steel Bumper and Winch came with a Maximus-3 winch plate kit.

Not sure what the red thing is called. The white metal formerly painted black is the hawse style fairlead, not sure I see the point to having an item that will have sliding contact with the cable/rope.

Decided rather than painting it, I picked up a polished aluminum one from Harbor Fright.

If I had planned this out better, I should've brought the red thing to a machine shop or somewhere to have it sand blasted. Wire brush will be...good enough for scruffy looking Jeep.

Last shot of the old bumper...

Tried using the camera as a mirror to look at something...ended up taking a selfie

So I hate the thought of having 2 AWG wires right off the battery hot all the time. You can't get (for all practical purposes) fuses big enough for the winch line, just like the starter isn't fused either. Rather than a switch or relay, I just built an quick disconnect for the battery side using some Andersen Powerpole connector clones.

Knees were bothering me, and it was 5pm. Tomorrow morning's plan is to take out the air box to have more room, and go behind the grill, and run the wires down to the winch. Once I have the cables (in split loom) to the winch I'll cut them to length and terminate them. Once I get them hooked to the winch, I can bolt the winch in place.

Whether the bumper gets on tomorrow I think depends if I decide the red thing needs a second coat of paint or not.