Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rebuild Day 17 -- Tearing out the old ceiling

Decided to take another day off, if nothing else spent a couple hours this morning clearing stuff out of the way...

"What are we going to do today, Wes?"

"I don't know Bob...let's tear out this ceiling, it looks a little low.

Wes is one of those fellows with a sixth sense to avoid the camera. Bob? No problem, catch him in lots of good action shots. Wes? When I saw this photo tonight reviewing the day's images I thought to myself miracles happen!

Mort makes a nice hanger for my ear muffs!

Get sent to Home Depot for two 2x10x16 and one double 2x10 hanger...which turned into a two hour fiasco. But I get back and I now have a window in my house!

Dumpster #5 in 12 months in full...we'll be getting a 15 yard one tomorrow to replace this one.

Get sent this evening to get 15 sheets of 1/2" (15/32" since the big box stores want that extra 1/32" profit per sheet) OSB, five 2x4s, and some "brick mold" for the siding work.

Well, there's no 1/2" OSB in Lisbon. Or any Home Depot around, maybe all going to Puerto Rico?

Screw it, I'll buy 15/32" plywood...cost me another $80 or so but I don't want to scrounge all around

Some upper manager at the store sees me looking for the brick mold, "Is that 15/32?" "Yep." "I have a deal for you!"

And entire unopened package of 30 sheets of a discontinued 15/32" plywood for the cost of three sheets. I paid 78 bucks and change for that pile of plywood!

Where the 2x10s I bought today went; and you can see the frame for the door to what will be a large storage space in the attic:

Took me a few minutes to figure this out. From the junction box one white wire goes to the 3-way switch by the front door, one to the three way switch by the bedroom door, and the third to the what used to be the dining room chandelier and was now a piece of track lighting.

Oh, I get it didn't have a wire long enough to reach from the bedroom to where you needed the light, but you had extra junction boxes and wire nuts to rig this together!

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Karen said...

Another great deal. Inside looking so different. Great work guys so far.