Tuesday, October 3, 2017

House Rebuild Day 2

Not sure if I'll have the electrician do it, or leave it for a winter project -- but I wasn't leaving in the old outlet circuit in the living room after looking at it. And it turns out somewhere the overhead living room light circuit branches off it :/ So that's down too till the electrician installs the new circuit and recessed lights.

Knocked out the old boxes, so it'll be easy to install new "old work" boxes, and later I have pics of drilling through the sills for the new wire runs.

Still waiting for the material delivery...time to strip the back. Beautiful dry weather this week!

I got dispatched to Home Depot to pickup of 8 2x10x16 Pressure Treated to be used to rebuild the sills as needed, which we now have a good handle on the extent of replacement needed:

By the tine I got back, the material was being delivered:

New sills going on:

Wes made some calls and got a good deal on some mis-ordered Marvin windows...so they're reframing to fit the new windows:

Wires to be pulled back in the attic and replaced...I'll attach strings tomorrow.

So here's what I did with the old outlets -- drilled a hole through the sill so the wires won't run laterally through the walls. First hole on this one I hit something I couldn't get through. Second one worked. I put through a short piece of Romex to make sure it was clear, tied to it a string which will be used to pull up the new wires. I'll be much happier with this wiring, and it separates it from the lighting circuit.

Buttoning up for the day:

Dumpster Day #2:

Dafug! I'm going to cut out some unused stuff tomorrow...but I think I'll just tell Wes we'll have to cut the sheetrock out on the kitchen side and let the electrician go to town fixing this professionally. This was amateured up so badly I don't think another amateur can un-cluster-fuck-it.

I have moved large rocks. I have moved truck engines. I couldn't budge the shingles (was going to move them for better dumpster access).

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