Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rebuild Day 18 -- Holy Shit Papu!

Mostly worked from home, although I did help dig a hole for footings for the front entry for a half hour.

Wes is on a mission. A mission to shorten my deck.

Digging footings so we avoid the hand prints in the concrete:

I'm just breaking up ledge at this point:

Let's take down some sheetrock so the electrician can...HOLY SHIT PAPU WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

Took me about five minutes to stop laughing, I think this nearly sent me over the edge to the funny farm.

Siding is arriving:

It is Certainteed Monogram, 4" Cedar pattern, in Pacific Blue:

Hmmm...missed pics of the sonatubes before being cut down? Well, there's my tub going away...

View from my bedroom!

That's the fifth full dumpster in 12 months, second on this job...with another 15 harder coming Friday. How much material can we pull out of a 650 s.f. house for the love of God!

650 s.f. x 8 foot ceilings, plus let's call the attic the equivalent of two feet high -- that's 240 cubic yards in volume. We will have removed about 75 cubic yards of it!!!!

Oh look, I found a couple photos taken on my Kindle a couple days ago:

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Karen said...

OMG, this post so funny, though also so sad still finding Papu's way of fixing things. May have been easier to burn it and just do new build. Though am loving the pics and comments