Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Things I want...

...but can't afford, fit, or justify :)

An appliance garage:

A pop-up electric / USB charging station for the far end of the new counter:

THIS I can do...just not sure where yet (maybe even retro-fit the base cabinet right of the sink):

And another I can do -- I like that the it has the bottles horizontally, but it isn't deep as the bottles are tall:

This I could do with a label maker where I hang my measuring spoons:

This looks cool for a spice rack...but I wonder if they have any idea you actually have to polish it regularly if you want bright and shiny? Of course I have quite a bit of cooper, and it could be painted (or even clear coated!):

Perhaps combine the copper pipe (I have a lot of surplus from the basement I could polish and re-purpose) with clear coat and mount inside a door -- which if carefully planned wouldn't require the shelves to be cut shorter:

These look amazing...but probably more work than they would be worth:

Then there is the dive into cutting board storage...
I think this is conduit rather than iron pipe, bent and painted:

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Karen said...

Like most of ideas, yes, you can do some of these easily I think. Such a nice kitchen upgrade you will have for all the great meals you make