Monday, October 2, 2017

House Rebuild Day 1 (and some before...)

Friday...cones are down for the dumpster.

Saturday and the fourth dumpster in the last twelve months arrives...

Might be the first building permit ever pulled for this property. Ever.

The Pod...don't ask me why I can't get the photo oriented right.

Blue Lake Builders have arrived!

Wes really wants those windows replaced!

Ok, again the orientation is wrong...but Papu sure liked to reuse the burnt lumber.

Shitters here!

And more burnt 2x3s -- not 2x4s, they're 2x3s that Papu shimmed to give a 3-1/2" space between the outer wall and sheetrock for the windows to fit right.

Wes & Bob attacking the end...much to their chagrin it was just one layer of stuff over another layer.

That's it for today. Materials should be delivered Tuesday morning.

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