Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rebuild Day 10...Finishing up Removing the Roof

Stuff from last night's interior demolition awaiting dumping.

Ok, need three 2x8x16 for the temporary electric service (I screwed the pieces together, and will unscrew them when done and save the lumber for a future deck project), twenty 2x4x8, and while I was there Wes called and said I better pick up fourteen 2x4x16 while I'm there to help rebuild the ceiling joists.

So all my attic but a 16x16 area over the bedroom was insulated with R-11. We're putting R-13 in the walls, with a minimum of R-30 in the ceiling (where it is vaulted), and the other 2/3rds will have R-30 with the left over R-13 placed over it.

I wonder which of my sisters hid their broom in the attic :p

Well, while they're tarping the house (which takes a surprisingly long time), let's go dig a hole for the temporary service.

Well Fudge.

I remember now Bob D. mentioning they had a bitch of a time getting the grounding rods in at my house and ended driving them horizontally.

(The 2x4 at the peak isn't attached to the service pole; it's the support for the tarp).

Meanwhile, Wes & Bob decided the ceiling needed support until they can rebuild the ceiling joists o_O

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