Wednesday, September 30, 2020

30 September 2020

Get the impression I've spent all my time and money this month on the Mistress? 'Cause I sure do.

Tuesday was put all my tools away, sweep the floor, and have some garage Crown and Sprite after work.

End caps put back on, too.

Wednesday I picked up a set of BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KMs on nice Rubicon rims. One new spare, two in good shape with 50%+ life left, and two that are cupped. Hoping to pickup another new spare cheap then I'll use the two new tires to replace the cupped ones, and a cupped one can go on as the spare (since it has a nicer rim than what I have now).

Gave her a wash, and mounted the inclinometer...pretty sure I'll be re-arranging stuff some more.

Look how shiny the clean hood is :D

So...pulled off the anti-flicker harness because I thought it wasn't working right since the LED fog lights would randomly "fire" like a camera flash...turns out they were actually reducing it. With a straight wiring harness the LEDs strobe every 5-6 seconds. :/

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