Tuesday, September 8, 2020

08 September 2020 -- It moved!

Took most of the day off from work, except for a couple meetings I had previously accepted.

Got the front end finished, turned it around (felt like a whole different vehicle just turning around in the yard!), got about half the back undone and letting other stuff soak in penetrant overnight.

I think between taking stuff apart first thing in the AM and at least doing the spacer lift and brake lines after work we're in shape to get the alignment done.

Well, I over-thought this...the bushing just pushes out with finger pressure and can be moved :D

Dayum, September 8th and Daylillies still blooming!

Was running up to Fastenal, for the swaybar links I replaced the upper 1/2" Grade 8 bolt with a 12mm Grade 10.9 bolt so I wouldn't have to drill/grind out the hole on the swaybar. They're close enough in size that I used a 19mm socket and wrench to tighten both.

Came in for a 1pm conference call...I was wondering why the air conditioner didn't seem to be cooling the house as quickly as usual.
Nice...new links put the swaybar level. It needs to be +/- 5° from level.

Starting to work on the back

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