Thursday, September 24, 2020

23-24 September 2020 Shocks & Oil

Lunchtime got the anti-flicker/wiring adapter installed from the fog lights.

My garage looking like a Chicago ER a 3am on a summer holiday weekend.

Front shocks I could easily compress by I went and cut the straps off the rears so they wouldn't be in the way...

That was a mistake. Fine, I'll put on my own giant zip ties...except it was so strong it stripped out a giant wire tie o_O

Passenger side I could use a ratchet strap to compress it once the bottom was bolted hand tight.

The ratchet wasn't going to get enough to clear the muffler on the driver side. Loosely bolted the top and used a jack and pry bar on the bottom.

TWO effing hours just to get those shocks on.

To avoid the shower of rust use they pry bar to knock the loose stuff off. Then when I was done sprayed with Fluid Film.

All I did was replace the shocks...and the perpetual check engine line turns off #JeepLife

Thursday morning warmed the car up, worked till 11, went out and pulled the drain while it was still...well warmish. Came back at noon time to finish the oil change. Definitely easiest to replace the oil filter from up top even standing on a stool.

Mental note: Need to grease zerks before I change the oil :D

I...I just don't know how I did this.

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