Tuesday, September 22, 2020

22 September 2020 -- Buttoning up

Not much today -- did a bit at lunch and coffee break in the afternoon.

Happy with the wiring. One more big wire tie of the bundle off to the bumper should eliminate any movement.

Hrrrrmpppph...couldn't fit the grill back on. Had to cut off two clips and an alignment pin with the Dremel. There are still clips on each side; the driver side needs some care to work the wire to a (outside temperature?) sensor around it. Everything seems solid though.

Thought of removing the control head, but the bolts in the front are blocked by the light brackets, and I'm afraid those are held in my nuts I would lose and not be able to get back on.

I think if I take the bumper off, I'd add another 1/2" of bar stock as a spacer to push it out a bit. I'd also like to put some bar stock on the backside; sounds like the Maximus-3 directions relocated some plates from behind to the in front of the part beams the bumper bolts too. Probably good to spread the load a bit.

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