Thursday, September 10, 2020

10 September close...

Started off with getting an alignment. Holy humidity Batman...just standing there talking with Jay as he did the work for an hour, I soaked my cap, soaked my shirt, and could barely breath through my disposable Covid mask by the end.

I did warn him I had just replace the brake lines and something felt squirrely to me (it slipped twice in the line while getting an ice coffee)...sure enough once he put the brake-holding-down-thingy-tool a real nice leak started from the worst fitting from last night. He tightened it down.

Took a bit of playing around with the bump stops...I couldn't quite get wood-and-jacking-up to work. What seems to work though is the seal installing tool. Get the rotor down on the ground, jack up the frame enough to fit everything in place, get it square, and let it be pressed in by the weight of the vehicle coming down. Then jack up, loosen the tool, and wiggle it out.

But I still need the correct tie rod - stabilizer mount to consider it off-road worthy. Don't want to stress out the wrong sized one. And there is a Jeep club run in NH Saturday AM...

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