Saturday, September 19, 2020

19 September 2020 -- Winch install begins

Well, the new shocks now are not due until Monday. So let's work on the winch since I can't go anywhere without putting the old shocks back on.
Side note, it sure as heck bounces around without shocks!!! Just turning it around in the yard was amazing the difference.

The JK Steel Bumper and Winch came with a Maximus-3 winch plate kit.

Not sure what the red thing is called. The white metal formerly painted black is the hawse style fairlead, not sure I see the point to having an item that will have sliding contact with the cable/rope.

Decided rather than painting it, I picked up a polished aluminum one from Harbor Fright.

If I had planned this out better, I should've brought the red thing to a machine shop or somewhere to have it sand blasted. Wire brush will be...good enough for scruffy looking Jeep.

Last shot of the old bumper...

Tried using the camera as a mirror to look at something...ended up taking a selfie

So I hate the thought of having 2 AWG wires right off the battery hot all the time. You can't get (for all practical purposes) fuses big enough for the winch line, just like the starter isn't fused either. Rather than a switch or relay, I just built an quick disconnect for the battery side using some Andersen Powerpole connector clones.

Knees were bothering me, and it was 5pm. Tomorrow morning's plan is to take out the air box to have more room, and go behind the grill, and run the wires down to the winch. Once I have the cables (in split loom) to the winch I'll cut them to length and terminate them. Once I get them hooked to the winch, I can bolt the winch in place.

Whether the bumper gets on tomorrow I think depends if I decide the red thing needs a second coat of paint or not.

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