Monday, September 7, 2020

07 September 2020 #1 -- finally progress!

Taking a bit of break now from 3-5. Gets warm in the garage when the sun is shining in!

Was at O'Reilly's five minutes after they opened. Had the correct seals in stock, which makes me think I could have gotten them yesterday if the part had been looked up correctly.

Diff axle seals installed
Diff gears re-installed
Axles back in...unlike when I did the U-Joints they both slid back in like they should easy-squeeze
Poison Spyder diff cover on
Let it sit 90 minutes hand tight for gasket to start to set
Per directions, torqued it down to let it sit 24 hours (which will probably be only 18 hours if I take most of tomorrow off to work on the rear)
Bearings bolted down
Brakes re-installed
Stainless brake lines installed
Brakes bled

To do after 5 when the shade comes around and it's cooler again:
Adjust the tie rod. Not happy one side is in a lot more than the other, want them about the same (have the old tie rod to compare for length)
Install tie rod
Install steering stabilizer
General tool cleanup / police trash

Next work day begins:
Put on tires
Remove jack stands
Fill front diff
Check brake fluid level
Turn Jeep around to start on the back:
-- Shocks
-- Spacer Lift
-- Inspect springs
-- Inspect bump stop
-- Stainless brake lines

Some point soon but maybe not before alignment on Thursday / next club run on Saturday:
Waiting for JKS to email me back WTF is up with the new sway bar links, otherwise re-install old links
Rear swaybar links (non-adjustable, but can thread to proper length)

Seal installer worked well (assuming they hold oil :D )

The "Toothpick Trick" to keep the locker plunger pushed out (I assume the solenoid must pull it in to engage the lockers).

The electronic gizmo I believe is just the sensor to determine if the lockers are engaged. Hopefully this also takes care of the problem I had recently with the front locker light turning on for no apparent reason.

...had to take a picture of hte torque wrench to see what the settings were. I need about 2,000 more watts of light and a magnifying glass in the garage.

Anti-sieze like the Navy paints ships.

First time I've applied an RTV gasket. Glad I picked up another tube to supplement what came with the cover I put on too heavy and only got half done.

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