Sunday, September 20, 2020

20 September 2020

Well, it was obvious I wouldn't get the bumper on today -- the fairlead holder thingy needed a second coat.

It was also pretty chilly, so I took a drive while it warmed up.

Hit one dirt road near Acadia...holy heck I was kicking up a heck of a dust cloud even doing just 20mph.

Take out the air box, move the power steering reservoir out of the way.

I was watching to make sure I ran this so it wasn't rubbing the radiator or putting pressure on whatever that aluminum line is.

That's Cable Porn level work :D

Oh Frack! While the negative was an exposed lug, it turns out the postive goes into a sealed controller box. Had to cut the lug off and convert to a butt connector. Thankfully NAPA in Plainfield had a 2 AWG butt connector in stock!

Need a new sticker maybe :D

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