Wednesday, September 9, 2020

09 September 2020 -- Roadable, if not off-roadable...

Got out for an hour before work to finish taking the rear end apart and hit the brake fittings with heat & penetrating fluid to get ready for the evening work session.

After today I still have the following:
Priority #1: Install the rear bump stops. That looks straight forward, once they're done I'm comfortable going off road.
Priority #2: New rear sway bar links, but not absolutely critical. Old ones are shot anyway.
Priority #3: Finally, the new shocks. That can wait until after the Saturday club run.

I watch so many videos online from folks...who do not live in the rust belt. Or simply skip over how you go about cleaning stuff up.

Dremel tool with a wire brush, brake cleaner, wipe down, MAPP heat (but relatively gentle and towards the old hose / threads), penetrating...I think that was the order.

Springs off and and the heavy grease wiped off.

Got back out just before 6pm. Finished up at 8:59pm.
Didn't need them until now, but I have the axle dropped as low as it will go (maybe without a second person to step on / pull on it?)

But this spring compressor kit was the cat's meow for this part. Squeezed one down and compared it to the other to make sure I had plenty of room for the new spacer.

I love this little brake bleeding is so simple and works so much better than my old kit I bought years ago does.

Coating the area I worked on the brake fittings with Fluid Film.
*sigh* ... one day I'll have time to install the toys of the steel bumper and winch instead of necessary mechanical work...

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