Friday, September 22, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 4

Came in the "back back" way to Moab through Gateway, Colorado. Pretty area, but Route 128 is the more spectacular way.

Now south of Grand Junction, headed towards Gateway, Colorado.

Headed up into the Manti-LaSal National Forest from Gateway.

Coming through Castle Valley

Plenty of time, let's go check out Onion Creek before heading to the hotel...

So after Onion Creek, I took a right...met another Jeep coming out asking if I had been that way before and warning there was a really rough hill ahead they turned around at. I zoomed in on my map, "Rose Garden Hill"...oh...I remember hearing about that from Youtube...I don't think I should go that way. Rather than go out Onion Creek, I went to the left.

Which proved pretty rough despite starting out easy. Not super rough, and I didn't need 4wd for most of it, but rough. I did eventually come up to someone who was going much slower than me and dropped into 4wd low for a while just to not run them over :)

After they told me to pass them, I did wait about 10 minutes at the next critical intersection to make sure they'd make it out.

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