Saturday, September 23, 2023

Road Trip 2023 Day 11

The extensive original plan on the spreadsheet pretty much failed to survive contact with reality. My buddy who flew out for part of it originally I was picking up in Denver and dropping Las Vegas, but he ended up just flying back out of Denver. The southwest Utah part of the trip was going to the drive to Las Vegas; coupled with how tough I found some of the Moab trip having him as a spotter would work out better in Moab.
So before going to Denver, took a couple days to knock off some national parks I had never entered.

I added Bryce Canyon and Zion to my list this day, and re-visited Coral Reef.

It'll be nice when I can measure my time for road trips in months and not weeks and not rush as much.

Chuckled at the Jeep gang when I came out of the Quality Inn in Moab (it's cheaper than Comfort Inn) in the morning; this section of the parking lot was empty except for the Jeeps that parked next to me.


Headed towards Coral Reef via Green River & Hanksville.

Coral Reef National Park

Back in ranching country.

Took the back way down a sparsely populated valley south of Antimony towards Bryce.

Welcome to Bryce Canyon!

Red Canyon, on the way away from Bryce.

I drove through the outskirts of Zion a couple years ago, and could see it was beautiful. What was to come going through it though...would be stunning. It was late in the day; I didn't take the bus trip into the heart of the canyon (which is closed to private vehicles most of the year).

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